Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Musee International d'Horlogerie

yes....shaow shaow shaow shaow
that's what u do when u can't speak french
and when the damn waitress kept on speaking french to u
or when the traffic police do the same
the cab drivers
the hotel staff
and all my swiss colleagues -_-

U shaow at me
I shaow back at u

Musee = museum
International = international lar -_-
d'horlogerie = horology
and so we got an english speaking guide at the museum
to bring us around
more shaows and I'll be so pissed.

PS: instead of english, they can speak MANDARIN. WTF!!!! *Sheh sheh nie. Jai Chien.*
PPS: I no speaking mandarin. So soli.
well it's the biggest and most comprehensive watch museum in the world
with collections of clocks ranging from JS Bach's time to the most hi-tech timepieces

made me wondered, how did they do it?
mind u, our current technology of watchmaking is still the same as 500 years ago.
with the invention of hairspring.....pocket watches were born.
but as u can see, they only tell hours and not minutes.
a classical table clock back in the napoleon time

GAwd!! how do they clean the dust away?
my maid will run away!!!!!
I am more of a pocketwatch person....
and I don't own one at the moment.
well wat's the point when u have your handphone + computer + watch???

well maybe I'll get one to keep as my personal museum collection
*along with my bags + shoes*
this looked like an ordinary clock....but it's not!!!
look at the playhouse at the bottom,
the inventor *i forgot his frenchie name* invented em for his 4 children.

at each hour when the clock chimes,
all the figurines will move!!!!
simply a novelty back then.

well ppl back then have no PSP, Notebook, PS 2, Internet, Television, Nintendo bla bla bla.
and mind u they are tiny.... and so complicated
not like those normal modern moving clocks u see in shopping mall..
coz we went to the back to see its movement.

ppl back then do have brains huh?
we don't use our brains that much these days.
thanks to calculator, computer, bla bla bla.
a clock made from solid was so heavy that it sat on the floor.
an old watchmaking table....bout 300 years ago...
and notice anything???

why aren't we evolving????
this was taken under the magnifier
it's the dial of a watch which has yet to be made into a watch

u don't wanna know how tiny it was
U also don't wanna know how microscopic were his brushes
to paint this!!!!

Anyway visit was wonderful and I have too many pics to post
and I dowan to bore u guys with HISTORY.

But I don't mind visiting again and spend a day there,
it was just not enuff!!!!
taken outside my hotel
I did not edit this pic...
by the way...all pics posted in this blog were never ever EDITED.
coz I'm sucha lazy monkey
I waited quite some time for this....
all pics taken with a cute red super slim bimbotic Sony T-200

*wait till I post some fantastic pics next week taken with Nikon SLR*
this was my simply and lovely hotel...
time was 9.30pm
and it's still so bright~~~~~
yep we were quite high above the sea level
and quite cold for spring as well.
early morning rise and shine,
this was the view I've got.

actually very bising...
those yachts + boats brrrr brrrrr brrrrr brrrrrr none stop
I thought I was staying by the harbour.
and the mandarin ducks quacked noisily every morning.
hai....natural alarm clock.
at 6am!!!!!!
Neuchatel Lake is so clean that i can see the bottom
and mind's blue!!!!

ok I've been very busy and so many things lining up for me to post:
- Lu Ai + Calvin got registered on 17th May
- Connie gave birth to a baby boy
- my cyprus trip
- my yummy food post in moo moo land
- my unyummy food post in Moo moo land
- my super yummy food post in spore
- more on cyprus trip

ppl pls stop chasing me ok...
one a day!!!!

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