Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lunch by Lake Neuchatel

Every morning after my 2nd coffee,
Nicole alwiz asked me the same question:

"Bonjour Cheeeerrieeeeee. We are....... all having our lunch...... together at *some fancy french name I forgot*. Vous you prrreeeefeeeh mheat or vhegie-thayrian? Fhor mheat we harve........"

"Mheat Nicoleeeee, sil vous plait."

So nice of her to arrange lunch for us everyday
anyway it was the same restaurant so.....
Day 1, we had tomatoes + mozzarella with basil vinaigrette
the mozzarella was so good

the asian team pushed it to the side of the plate.
aiks....come come come bring over here.
I sapu.
when it's vegetarian...
it's sun dried tomato pasta with parmesan
spells = boring
when it's meat....
it's chicken with cous cous and leeks cooked heavily in cream sauce
spells = GAH!!!! I hate cream!!!!

I was soooo looking fwd to dessert
a dollop of creme fraiche presented itself on top.

Ah Beng kept looking at his tummy while scooping his dessert.
"hmmm, good good delicious but fat."
outside the weather was so lovely....
all of us finished our lunch ASAP and rushed out for~~~~
ladies = cam-whoring
men = marlboro time
it's windy~~~~~
taken outside our hotel - Hotel Beaulac
then the following day started with Nicole asking everyone the same question

We were so lucky...breakfast yet to digest and ppl already layan-ing us
by asking what we want for lunch.

Above was a super yummy bacon salad with egg.
I regretted choosing meat for Day 2...
coz it was not that exciting...
everyone pushed the creme fraiche aside this round.
inside it's cream puffs were more chocolate ice cream.
just the right portion...
*actually not enuff*
again after lunch we ran out for fresh air
the lake was so clean and clear
made us just wanna jump in and forget bout our classes later on,
and during classes....guess who's snoring again???

"Johnny...wake up pls...wake up."
this was the best!!!!
fresh perch fish fr the Lake Neuchatel itself...
so sweet!!!!
normally I don't consume fresh water fish.
very nice coz the coffee was good.
and of coz a healthy dash of brandy.

"Wanto, kamu teeedakk boleh makan. Ada alcohol. Bagi Cherry ya!!!!"
hiak hiak hiak.

Wanto: :"(
everyday we grabbed the bread and ran away,
to feed ah beng's girlfriends~~~~
"Hi are u today? Care to share some bread with me? Do u prefer white or walnut bread?"

Ah Beng flirted with almost anything and everything that's female.

Those swans were wild and u can see them everywhere on the lake.
those were the mandarin ducks that woke me up religiously every morning.

See I managed to snap them 3 in a row.
While bad boy Johnny fed them with ciggie butt

How could u???
Do u know that they will die???

Nicole: "Vous you know you are not to feed them?"

everyone -_-

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