Thursday, June 05, 2008

Visit to La Chaux-de-Fonds

La Chaux-de Fonds is the highest city in Europe
1000m above sea level on the Jura Mountains
and only a few km off the French border.

So u better learn to speak french
otherwise die dot com when u are there.

Anyway our mission was to visit our HQ cum factory.
by the way it's a watchmaking city.
It survived on this industry alone.
every factory visit is the same,
be it food, electronics etc they will wrap u up
like u were some infested animal.

So this cute lil machine wraps up your cute lil feet like mine
1) step on it
2) some funny sound will come up
3) in a blink of an eye....your cute lil feet will looked like......
like hospital foot
if u know wat I mean.
and wrapped ourselves up too....but erm this was done manually
as in u sendiri pakai.

looked so unglamourous
and fat with no bodyline
*u memang fat already lar*
so we were taken to the quality control room
which was clean and spotless
Mik looking through the microscope for the super delicate movement
everything was so micro tiny
then we went to the production line for an hour
well....most of the pics are P&C so this is all I can post.

this is the room where all the watches are born.
with all the cool super dunno wat hi-tech machine.
and itchy me touched everything and asked way too many questions.

I think the Production Director will ban me in the future.
Monkey: "Pour quoi? pour quoi?" (why? Why?)

Production director: "*in his bad english and a long sigh*.......BECAUSE..........*sigh*"
hey not all watchmakers are old boring ppl ok
they were some young punks too!!!
then we went to the office building
next to it is a beautiful meadow
spring is here!!!!
but why is it 11 degrees out there????
we took a small break by the window sill.
Ah beng was on the phone for hours throughout the visit.
that should cost a bomb!!!
Mr. Chairman lurves to collect sculptures
that's a painting of him.
and here and there, everywhere!!!!
guess he wants the staffs to know that he's watching them
outside the office with Nasser.
He came running fr the other building to say hi.
"Madame Cheerrrrieeee. Comment sava?"
Damian & Monkey

The main entrance has such "canggih" security feature that we almost locked ourselves in between.
sorry lar, we are fr 3rd world country,
dunno how to use Swiss technology.
Memang memalukan.
Alison was so kind and brought us touring around the office.
hai, we took up so much of her time during our stay there.
poor thing.
then JAV and Fabrice brought us out for lunch at L'Orologia
a traditional swiss restaurant.
full of antique clocks and history of watchmaking.
interesting eh?

I should open one restaurant displaying shoes and bags too.
very very traditional restaurant that I sat carefully on the chair
just in case it will break due to old age.
JAV led us to our table....LOOK!!!!!!

"U did this on purpose?"
"Non, non. It's been here for quite some time. :)"
Fabrice & Monkey
]our marketing director
he has such baby face.

Look Notorious Sweet Rachel,
your ex brand is on the wall!!!

this restaurant have almost all the brands.
and we have this appetizer of olives and mozzarella with grilled sweet pepper.
truffle pasta.
Can u believe it, that I finished everything?
*I hate truffles*
there was some potato thingy in it.
and our grilled dover with the bone intact.
very neat restaurant.

Monkey told JAV....
"No cream, no cheese sil vous plait. I had enuff."
"D'accord Madame. I will plan accordingly."

french food is just way too heavy,
heavy on my waist line.
but not ice cream.
hiak hiak hiak.

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