Friday, June 27, 2008

Really Belated b-day dinner

Monkey, Lu Ai, Kindy Chai, Su San, Ass Kickin Vonne
The May babies = Kindy Chai, Wendy, Notti Monkey
we missed Wendy this round.

we congregated at this dung-wu-dong-shong-i-forgot-dunno-wat-name-restaurant
well all korean names sound like that isn't it?
now we know why Mr. Rain had to rebrand himself RAIN...
otherwise too difficult to remember.
a galore of starter called banchan
when I said GALORE....I did not exaggerate ok!
the ever must have in every korean meal - kimchi
i missed those fresh cucumber kimchi in Seoul.
Guess after all the travel via air/sea,
the taste changed once it arrived in msia.
Bindaetteok - korean pancake with seafood and vegetables
reminded me of something similar in chinese cuisine with lotsa chives.
I forgot wat I
it's a beef ribs broth with noodles and lotsa spring onions + enoki
Kindy Chai had something similar I think.............
the prettiest looking dish got to be Lu Ai's
bibimbap = stirred mixed rice
*guess she must be saying now, pretty dish for pretty gal......-_-*
we wanted to stay for dessert....
but hell no!!!!

no more dung-gong-dunno-wat-bap-chung-chan
we wanna get out and have something NICE!!!!!
like gelato~~~~~~~~~~~~
chili chocolate????
got to be the weirdest flava

lesson learnt,
never ever try something too exciting/adventurous
sometimes it's good to be safe and stick to what u like.
Lu Ai Chan picked a new flava and didn't like it.
but all of us didn't like the korean-jung-wung-dunno-wat dinner.
Kindy Chai & Monkey

but thank u ladies for buying us dinner :))))

we shall have another one in Sept when Kindy Chai is in Msia.
and Lu Ai Chan will get a free ride home.

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