Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sightseeing + Shopping @ Neuchatel

Neuchatel means new castle in French
and everyone speaks french
-_- duh
with a population of only 32,000
it's scarily quiet

but it's one of the city of innovation & R&D
with hi-tech developments on missile program
*don't play-play ya*
and bio technology.

Yeah nobody knows about it...
*by the way, the hair spring in luxury timepieces are of equivalent made from the spring of all missile head in the word, double don't play-play*
Monkey & Mik
yep we are eppy eppy gals...
goin shopping and being chauffeured around by Mr. Chairman's personal driver
plus he's very good looking
*hiak hiak hiak*
Mauro is fr Italian descendant and he's super shy
he refused to have any pics
so sad coz he can't speak english
and my french was super can die
so don't ask bout my Italian.
*pizza, risotto, gelato, barolo, babaresco, chianti :P heeeeeeeeeeeeee*
street of A.L Breguet
Abraham Louis Breguet......father of watchmaking.
this was one of the museums in Neuchatel,
they have more museums than shopping centre,
I'll post more bout my museum visit next.
even their rumput aka grass were so beautiful
haiiiiiii -_-
aiks!!!! this looked like Malacca
I forgot the name of this church :(
but it's sure pretty!!!!
I just realised Wanto is kinda tall
or I am short :((((

I wondered how did he survived
with all the non-halal food and speaking only Bahasa Indonesia,
well that explains why I was his translator throughout the whole trip
and I came back speaking like an Indonesian maid -_-
*Pak, kita ketemu makan krupuk dan sapi?*
cobbled road everywhere so pls wear comfortable shoes
spring is all about flowers and greeneries
this looked like a haunted home!!!!
hey bummer, u won't be able to push that statue with your matchstick figure!!!!

after I came back, I've put on.....
hmm, means I can eat sumore junks.
then we went to the nearest supermarket to satisfy both Mik & Wanto's cravings
"Crazy bugger, both of u bought so much!!!!!"
look at the rows and rows of similar milk chocolate.

Mik: "Yup, there are sooo cheap and we can't get these in Singapore."
Wanto: "Cherry, beli."

-_- I don't like supermarket chocolates~~~~~
and so I brought them to~~~~~~
and more chocolates
I spent 45 mins there.

Both Mik + Wanto almost fainted.

Mik: "Your chocolates so expensive leh."
Wanto: "Cherry suka berbelanja ya."

-_- x 10000000
yes my one tiny biji of chocolate truffles = 3 big pcs of cadbury fr the supermarket

in my bahasa baku....
"Wanto, qualiti tee-dak sahmah"
"Oh gitu....tapi..."
I was kicking myself when I saw these....
and these!!!!
"Let's skip dinner and have these shall we???"

Wanto + Mik = -_- NO!!!!! Teedak!!!!
and then Mr. Handsome driver took us to this gourmet grocer...
again I dunno wat I bought....but I spent quite some time there....
rows and rows of honey, herbs, olive oil, pasta, balsamic vinegar, tea leaves.
Wanto: "Cherry pandai masak?"
"Cherry pandai makan saja. HEEEEEEEE"

I think he won't understand why a fine laydee like me can't cook...
erm coz I'm a MAN.
anyway we found something that 3 of us will enjoy like mad
FRESH CHERRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mik + Wanto
yup and we had a competition to see who can stuff the most cherries
into his/her mouth.

Guess who's the winner???
hiak hiak hiak
*6 cherries at one go*

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