Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Monkey back to school in Neuchatel, Switzerland

How does it feel like to go back to school after so long???
instead of talking and more talking and more more more talks
I had to sit still and listen calmly for the 1st time in my career life.
*how to keep a monkey still on her seat???*attended the watchmaking school in Neuchatel
which is the greatest watchmaking town in Switzerland
*which also happens to be a kampung....well relaxing enuff to study I supposed*

Wostep is the name of the school
which receive less than 20 students a year.

I am very honored to be in this crash course for dummies like me.
every beautiful chilling cold breezy morning,
our bus picked us "dummies" up at the beautiful hotel by the lake.
Note: Look at those sleepy faces...

yeah class started at 8.30am.
only 10 of us....
so u can't sleep
u can't speak
u can't snooze
u can't sms
u can't draw matchstick gal on the note
most of all whenever the phone rings, be it super URGENT fr your boss fr the other side of the globe...don't ever pick it up!!!!
coz the instructor who happens to be the director of the school is super duper strict.
*well he's the owner and director = principal of any school....wat can I say?*
so shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
there, me trying to concentrate and not falling asleep!!!

Neh!!! I didn't sleep....
too interesting to doze off....
*more like u can't doze off*
Hey be serious!!!!
stop taking pics!!!!
go back to your place!!!!

Ahem....I was the unofficial class monitor
hiak hiak hiak hiak hiak
*expected wut~~~~~*
hmmmm should put my "class monitor" title down there
after taking every single tiny lovely fragments off the movement,
time to assemble everything back.
that was the hardest part....
Ah beng: "Wah u arranged it so neatly!!!"
Monkey: "Yeh. So I'll remembered the parts correctly at its original position."

Ah Beng: "I'm gonna sabo your dish!!!!"
*tried to shake it like a bon-bon*
Monkey: "F*** OFF!!!!!!!!"
Instructor: "SILENCE!!!!! and follow carefully."

we are very old ppl,
hence the need for microscope.
yes and I'm wearing a magnifier!!!!
looked super cyborg!!!
and my lab partner one-eye-borg-Vice-President-of-USA

his fav line to me: "What a dork!!!!! with that borg eye!!!!"

and monkey to him: "stop snoring......*elbowed his hand*......wake up Johnny!!!!"

Johnny: "zzzZZZzzzzzinkkkkk........zzzzzZZZZzzzzzzinkkkkk."
and Mr. Instructor had to wake him up.
sigh -_-"
*pai seh nyeeeee my lab partner*
yes more like this...
I only want good lab partners.
micro tiny gold plated wheels.
now careful.....
don't lose any of the parts,
assemble it firmly and delicately.
*how do u do that at the same time?????*
and make sure all the pink jewels are in place....
yep those are rubies.
ok so far so good~~~~~
we used "surgical steel" which is the top grade stainless steel available
they looked the same but of different size and measurement with diff uses.
*I only used surgical steel tweezer for my neat eyebrows :P*
**don't tell Mr. Instructor or he's gonna tweeze me**
so small even my camera can't focus on em...
look at those screws!!!
they are even smaller...
micro tiny.

pick them up steady and firmly...don't ever lose any of em coz u won't be able to find em.
and end up like this!!!
scratching and pulling your already-looked-like-dragon-ball-hair
some parts are slightly bigger - the balance wheel
but STILL!!!!!!
diff screws for diff uses....
my fav tool!!! a super cute can die hammer
but no chance to use it....coz we have yet to reach that advance level yet..
I was fooling around with all the tools in my drawer.

Mr. Instructor: "Keep that. We won't be needed that mademoiselle. D'accord?"

"Heeeeeeeeeeeee. Just testing."
and then~~~~

after winding it,
I skipped and yelled: "It's ALIVE!!!!!!!"
classmates stared at me -_-"

heeeeeeeee sorry I was too proud coz I was the 1st to finished it.

Mr. Instructor unconvinced and came over to test,

"Hmmm. Tres Bien."

"He he he he. Merci beacoup teacher!!!"
this is wat happens when u snore and sleep during class....
kenot finish and everyone will come over and give u pressuring stares.
hiak hiak hiak.
Emre and Mete from Turkey

Yep I went around taking pics of others till Mr. Instructor had to escort me back to my seat.
Nicole had the best seat in class,
overlooking the beautiful lake.
the team fr Turkey except Wanto on the right fr Indonesia.
table tourbillon,
only 20 pieces in the world...
so expensive and it doesn't tell time.
Me and Michelle
we truly enjoyed our breaktime
me taking pics and the guys.....polluting the beautiful swiss air with Marlboro.
Ah Beng and Johnny
no ladies, they are not gay but highly metrosexual.
who's dirty sneakers was that?
best time of the day would be when the bell chimes...
time to go home and everyone rushed down...

Yipeeee coz it's time to do shopping in Kampung Neuchatel.
*yes I'm a shopaholic even kampung got things for me to buy*
Monkey and Mr. Instructor, Maarten.
I have graduated fr my DUMMY course!!!!
Now who wanna gimme their watch to re-service???
and we celebrated with champagne
congratulations classmates!!!!
all of us!!!!
Mr. JS,
U wanna re-service your Corums? or maybe your Panerais? or IWC also can....rolex also I can accept.


licheng said...

wow...what an excellent experience! and way over there in the swiss village.

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: Oh yes it was!!!! Truly enriching experience.

Unknown said...

u can service cheap watch or not?

CHER-RY said...

Shell Shell: Cheap watch dunnit to service....buy new one. :D

Tsu Lin + + said...

Cherry, I am SEETHING with jealousy! It is such a wonderful experience. I actually wanted to do a watchmaking course 4 years ago (when I was in UK jobless and unmarried yet) - where were you when I needed you (your advice, ahem!)??

How do they accept apprenticeship/student? Is it easy to get in?