Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Petra tou Romiou

This post is dedicated to Ms CS
bcoz she has been complaining there's not enuff pics to see and read
*notice that there's 2 posts today?*

Anyway Petra tou Romiou is the birth place of APHRODITE
pronounced as ap-fro-dai-tee
She is the Goddess of LOVE
remember this painting by Botticello, 1485????

To make the story short, here is my mathematical summary, go figure it out:
Aphrodite = Goddess of Love = Venus = Kypris *Cyprus in greek* = Cyprus
Monkey & JS
According to the legend,
she was born out of the foam of the sea
at this very very spot where Monkey sat
we parked Dinos mobile at the other side and walked by this underpass
to get to the other side....
I was skipping all the way like a child.
"Quick quick I wanna see the ROCK!!!!"
GAH!!!! it's so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but so rocky!!!
my feet was crying in pain.
Monkey & Dinos
the best tour guide in the whole Cyprus
and a very adorable one
the rocks got smaller as I approached nearer to the sea.
So nice that I wanna jump in
but it was freezing cold~~~~~
I looked at the Mediterranean sea
it looked back at me
can't swim. :(
this one confirmed not ready to swim
in his Ralph Lauren shirt,
Hugo Boss pants and shoes.

I guess JS was the odd one out,
don't think I see someone so dressed up to go to the beach
hiak hiak hiak hiak hiak
yes I know u wanna strangle me now
*if u dun see any updates in this blog tmrw, u'll know why*
the other end
Can I stay a bit longer?
U go back to Msia first. :)))))))))
I am definitely goin back to Cyprus!!!!
Anyone wanna join me?

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