Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lunch with view

We drove down to Kyrenia town
after our magnificent visit to St. Hilarion Castle.

Stopped in front of 2 restaurants:
- Spanking nice restaurant
- Ordinary mom pap restaurant

Our beloved Dinos went to check the spanking one 1st and came back...
"all the Brits are there...and rubbish food like bacon, chips, sandwiches."

euuuuuwww...so boring.
Veeny, JS, Artemis, Dinos
so we ended up in this mom pap restaurant with a view.
yummy tomato, cucumber and lettuce salad...
U can only find lebanese cucumber in Cyprus.
it's even tastier and crunchier than the japanese ones.

"We get soggy soft uninteresting no taste cucumbers in msia."
BBQ squid and octupus...
so good and tender.
that we ordered 2 plates.
deep fried calamari
everything was so fresh here
coz the restaurant has its own fishermen that go out to the sea everyday
hence fresh produce fr the sea every single day.
homemade tahini
tahini is made fr sesame
went so well with the warm pita bread
our grilled fish!!!!!
it was so crispy....how did he bbq it to perfection????

and the chips was so good,
coz our beloved Dinos went to the kitchen and told the chef,
"I want my chips fresh. Pls use fresh potatoes and cut the chips right before you fry them."

I guess he almost have to stand beside the chef to tell him wat to do.
If u do that to Mr. Tom Aikens, he will brand u with his knives...that's for sure.
best part of the fish.....
it's FINS!!!!
Cypriots lurve aragula + lemons
whenever wherever u eat, a plate of lemons presented itself.
freshly squeezed orange juice
so good~~~~~
yep we had a 3 hours lunch there...
slow food society~~~~
Turkish coffee
it was very strong.
JS playing with his toy
very heavy to lug around...
told ya, his lense damn "powderful"
I didn't bring my swim wear to Kyrenia.

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