Monday, June 23, 2008

St. Hilarion Castle, Kyrenia

Hold your breath...
St. Hilarion Castle is the most beautiful castle I've ever been!!!

with its two magnificent twin towers,
it sat 727 m above sea level,
on this limestone mountain range in Kyrenia,
which is about 100mil years old *the mountain, not the castle*

Hilarion = Didymus = Twins in greek
I shall take u with journey up this wonder of the world.
Dinos drove all the way any mobile can go to
and this was the beautiful view we've got,
I was already breathless by then.
then no cars, no helicopter, nothing can take u up anymore
cept your two lil shaky legs.
Me: "we have to climb all the way up?????"
Dinos: "YESSSSSS!!!!"

Me: "U must be joking, hahahahaha."
Dinos: "NO. See, I am not luffing."

and so we started our LOOONNNNGGGG climb
St Hilarions dated back to 1050 AD
it was the hardest castle to be conquered
due to its terrain.
here I come
St. Hilarion, be ready for this notti monkey.
as we climbed, there was an old monastery,
church for the royalties.
and splendid awesome views.
at the beginning, it was easy to climb...
then it became like this~~~~~
we made a pitstop at this rest area
yes we were not at the top yet,
but look at the view of KYRENIA!!!!
imagine if this is my castle and I wake up to this view every morning!!!!
as we climbed,
trees got smaller as well....
this is wat I called,
stairways to heaven....

Gosh!! due to the below:
*height, body weight, stamina, length of legs, how many pitstops u make*
all of us climbed at different speed.
and I ended up climbing alone....
as we got closer to the top,
it's more difficult to climb.
look at the rocks!!!
no more stairways for u,
only the barricade to assist u.

It was so narrow and scary!!!!!
Dinos & Artemis at one of the tower!!!!!
JS & Monkey
looked like fr "Lord of the Rings"
Dinos & Monkey
and we spent some time admiring the view...
my legs were shaking by then...
so scary!!!!
all the way down.
u better hold tight.
JS zoomed in a bit more...
oh I can see the roads and buildings.
and a lil bit more...
WOW it's another castle down at the harbour!!!

pstttt, my dear neighbours pls be careful,
coz Mr. JS got a "powderful" lense.
on the way down,
hold tight...
I don't mind coming back again
and climb it at a slower speed.
coz I was breathless up there due to:
1) the amazing view
2) no stamina at all!!!!
JS did a potrait of me.

My dear Cypriots friends,
who have yet to cross the border and visit Kyrenia...
pls do so!!!!

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