Monday, June 30, 2008

Kyrenia Port & Castle

on the background is the Kyrenia mountain,
Castles are always big...big....big.....big.
I got so tired walking on my 2 tiny lil feet.
didn't I tell you it's big and high.
I sat at the common area with Artemis wailing about our poor feet. :(
Anchors back in the old dayzzzzzzz
Kyrenia Castle was built in 330 AD
world oldest shipwreck dated from 4th century
it was also covered in National Geographic
found alongside the shipwreck were these pottery to transport olive oil,
almonds, wines etc etc etc
this was how they store the potteries in the belly of the ship.
no....not fishball.
cannonballs made fr stone.
if kena, sure die dot com.
the castle is so high!!!!
beautiful view of Kyrenia harbour
closer look :)
ok this pic was composed by JS
compared to mine *which was above*
I still have a lot to learn.
there were cafes everywhere for tourists
we found one which served a "rare" Turkish dessert
I forgot the name.......
Dinos chomped down the whole slice,
Artemis must be praying...."don't force me to eat don't force me to eat"
or "I wanna go home I wanna go home"
from where we sat,
we watched sunset over the Kyrenia Castle
Veeny and Artemis
yes next visit to Northern Cyprus
we must go to Famagusta ya!!!

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