Friday, June 13, 2008


Fountain Knight guarding the area
Alison organised a lovely Italian dinner *after my complaints*
at the oldest quarter of Neuchatel.
Food there was exceptional.
Mik, Alison, Monkey
Restaurant du Banneret
it was built in 1609
with late Renaissance architecture.
simply lovely!!!!

and I have the privilege of checking the menu of the nite before dining
just to make sure there's no CREAM and CHEESE
steamed green and white asparagus with extra virgin olive oil and pepper
best time to consume white asparagus is NOW!!!!
roast chicken with MOREL mushroom *my favourite!!!*
with alio oglio
yummy rhubarb with ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!
and homemade cookies :)
I was feeling so contented after the dinner....
and started to lose my concentration when the men took out their cigars
and brandy

"Alison, can u take me out for fresh air?"

and I was glad that I made the decision coz she brought me to the most
beautiful spot in the whole of Neuchatel!!!!!!


a lil bit of sacrifices have to be made....
puffed puffed puffed
"are we there yet?"
"No, cherrieee...not yet. Come on, hurry up!!! I'm an old lady and u are not!!!"

I tried my best to keep up with this healthy lady...
and I think I did well...coz when I looked down...

Wanto & Mik were stuggling and holding each other as they climbed.
and we waited a couple of minutes for them.
and when we were up there,
we were greeted by Collegiale

it's a 11th century CHURCH
with a statue of a reformer...forgotten his french name
yep it's quiet coz time was 9pm.
and the view......ARGH!!!!
simply stunning that I didn't wanna leave.

Look at the lake in the background!!!!
I didn't wanna I promised myself that I must come back.

and I did a few days later...
climbed up to Colleagiale alone
I used a different route to explore more.
it's a Protestant church now

Mik was telling how much she wanted to have her wedding in a church like this.
"U dun get churches like this in Spore"
"Hold your wedding in Europe then!!! Remember to invite me ya :)"
Ah Beng, Mr. VP, Mr. Big Boss fr Turkey, Mr. CEO
we came down fr the castle and the men have already left to the nearest pub for drinks

Mr. CEO: "My lovely cheeerrrrieee. What would you like to drink?"

"ehhhhhhh. Kurk ke lite *Coke Light, that's how u order it in french*"

Mr. CEO: "No kurk for u. Bad for your health. Drink brandy!!!"

also bad for health rite???
Monkey with the guys fr Turkey
yep they are moslem and they can drink
but they kenot have 4 wives.
Why so different one?????

"U must come to Istanbul Cheeerrrie. It's like Pah-Ree *paris*"
"I don't believe u!!!!"
"It's exactly like Pah-Ree. Trust me.

"DO I have to cover myself when I visit your country?"
"PLEASEEEE we are not arabs."

"Do u pray 5 times a day?"
"NO. Where did u hear all these things?"

"My country does. -_-"
I guess Islam also have different school of thoughts like any other religion.
I felt so dumb.

Notice how smoky it was???
both Mik & myself almost die-ed from the air pollution.

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