Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dinner by George

Venny said: "We will be having a simple dinner tonite."

JS's definition of simple = pasta only
Monkey's definition of simple = anything to do with meat minus carbo.

this is George and meat is his specialty
currently working in Athens, Greece
*I wanna go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
he flew back to Cyprus to see us.
starter of french mussels with saffron by JS
yummy yummy
and everyone chomped it down with rustic bread.
Lemon sorbet!!!! looked so boring but packed with lemony taste :))))))))))))
Roast crispy crunchy potatoes with rosemary by Veeny
it sat in the oven roasting slowly and gently for 2 solid hours
and came out so crispy I dunno how to describe.
those were not blood, coz the meat had been well rested b4 George put a knife over it.
we called it juices fr the succulent meat.
It had been marinated with dijon mustard and some other secret ingredients.
so good!!!!!!!!!!!!
Veeny & Costas agreed!! Cheers!!!

Costas is a mathematic wizard,

and a good cook!!!
but for that nite, he was a guest...
so makan only lar.
oh yum!!!!
with aragula and a special sauce also made by George
forgot to snap pic of the red we have...
hence forgot wat we drank.
but not the dessert wine - Sauternes
my favourite~~~

it was rated 99
I think i will give it a perfect 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

best dessert wine in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*also the most expensive lar*

I wished we have more but doubt so
the number of bottles in the wine chillers are depreciating faster
than we can replenish them.
Wine prices are so crazy these days...
and not to forget,
chocolates by Monkey
all the way, hand carried from Switzerland.

I lurve seville oranges dip in dark chocos.

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