Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lu Ai & Calvin

this post had been long pending...
better do something bout it before Lu Ai Chan strangle me.

Lu Ai & Calvin got registered on beautiful 17th May...

"How to go to Klang?"
Ass Kickin Vonne: "U mean u haven't been to Klang?"
"No, not by myself."

and again our lovely Ass Kickin Vonne bcame our Navigator,
better than Nokia's one
coz this one can answer u back *and give u a kick* when u are still so blur
after all the clear left right turn and where to exit instructions.
Monkey & Mommy Connie
when I arrived,
everyone asked me the same question:
"U just woke up izzit?"
"Wake up already? Helllooooo!!!"

yes wat do u expect when I celebrated my b-day the nite before..
Mommy Connie & Ass Kickin Vonne
trying to see who's tummy is bigger
Pls note, one of them is not pregnant.

Anyway Mommy Connie gave birth to cute baby Jayden on 2nd June.
will blog bout it later.
Ass kickin Vonne, Monkey, Lu Ai, Calvin, Mommy Connie, Alex
The soon to be married couple and the rest, sorry-i-forgot-your-names coz I was still sleeping when I was introduced to u.

Calvin: "Careful of my friends. They are like mad dog when let loose."
Monkey: "What is that suppose to mean?"

Calvin: "hehehehehehehe"
Ass Kickin Vonne: "Mad dogs? just throw them a bone and kau thim."

Lu Ai,
are we suppose to bring bones on your wedding day
to kau thim the "heng tais"?
"It's a dog!!!"
"It's a bear!!!"

apalar.... -_-
Calvin was so so so happy...
yes u better be.

and pls come back quick...
don't work in HK anymore.

We don't want a hongkie Calvin with hongkie slang + hongkie attitude

but if u can cook HK wan tan mee, *plus all my fav hk cuisine*

then u are most welcome with loud applause.
both set of parents
Miss Su San came late with a super I-just-woke-up face
the rings!!!!!
yes now u thumb's up, u wait.
taking the oath and it was in mandarin was it??
the spectators aka props at the back were some other couples + family members
waiting for their turns.

Lu Ai + Calvin were the 1st couple,
kenot wait izzit?

by the way,
I really can't wait for your photo album.
Got sneak peak??? Preview???
I promised I won't luff :D
"May I pronounce you husband and wife."
Many many congratulations...

Pls do give us a map to Calvin's place
a proper to-scale map
set the date ladies, 18th Oct.


licheng said...

I was 'forced' to see her wedding photo album (at least that's what her parents say...hahahah)after our Monday night outing.

Lu Ai, just kidding! You looked splendid!

CHER-RY said...

Spill the beans!! spill the beans!!! TELL MEEEEEEEEE

I want exclusive details of the album!!!