Monday, June 16, 2008

The day Monkey invaded Cyprus

5.5 hours of flight fr Zurich to Dubai,
then waited for JS at the lounge...
*he flew fr KUL*
I was almost snoring when he came over to "claim" me.

and another 3 hours to Cyprus,
Cyprus is a beautiful Eurasian island in the Mediterranean,

Republic of Cyprus is situated at:
South of Turkey,
North of Egypt,
south east of Greece
so the culture is really a bursting mix of the above,
but everyone speaks GREEK here.
so in greek it's called Kyriaki Dimokratia.
wow!!! so beautiful!!!
I knew my holiday gonna be fantastic...even before I touch down.
made me wanna jump into the Mediterranean sea right away!!!

"I wanna swim I wanna swim I wanna swim"
"It's very cold baby. The sea is not swim-able during spring"
when we touched down,
George took us for a sumptous kebab lunch!!!!
kebab is like their street food.
above was the greek salad with tonnes of cheese and olives.
my favourite food in the whole of CYPRUS!!!
*i knew it by then*
deep fried PORK kebab.
Where else can u get PORK kebab??????
then our kebab arrived with sweet yummylicious tomatoes....
lotsa greens as well.
but I was digging for all the pork hidden inside.
BBQ-ed to perfection.
and thinly sliced potatoes baked in the stone oven with shaved cheese.
after lunch....we went home and zzzzzzZZZzzzzz
weather was so lovely,
and I zzzZZzzzzz-ed till dinner time.
*eat and sleep, just like a cute lovely pink snorty animal*
weather at nite was crisp and chilling
Massalina the maid set the tables outside the garden
for a feast of 24 ppl.
Veeny made great pasta as well
with fresh basils from her garden.
kalamata olive paste with chilis, also homemade,
spread on crackers.

Greek food is all about olive, cheese and lamb.
foie grais with fig jam on top of brioche...
JS was trying to stuff them into my mouth..
"NO foie grais!!!! I dowan!!!!"
fresh cucumber salad with mint and yogurt...
creation by Mr. JS
Athina made stuffed pepper with cheese - this is so Greek!!!
Athina and Monkey
she owns a few boutiques selling specialised apparel imported fr Italy.
everything made fr high quality linen.
yummy grain bread
my ultimate favourite!!!!
slow roasted for 24 hours porkie!!!!!!
fresh mozzarella with tomatoes and basil.
and I kept myself busy around the table
"when can we eat when can we eat when can we eat?"
greek lurve their greens.
JS made this yummy salad of rockets with pear, orange fr the garden and freshly toasted nuts
potato gratin!!!
Gweilos dun like their meat with bones...
Veeny took everything off neatly and presented em on the place
looks wat's left!!!!
the best bony part with all the tendon and marrows.

But JS said I can't touch it coz it's for someone important
It's Brandy's dinner...
but I want the bony part!!!!!
U lucky dog!!!!
JS also can't wait to dig in...hahahaha

Greek usually have their dinner late like 9pm...
but Greek in Greece have theirs at 11pm
then everyone tucked in.....
happy face with yummy food
pls keep in mind, this was the col of my skin before some outdoor activity,
when I came back to col matched JS's skin tone.
Dinos & JS
thank u for hosting us in Cyprus...
u are the best!!!!
waiting for dessert..
look at my sleepy can die face.
the other table,
yep Veeny held this dinner to welcome both of us to Cyprus.

"Welcome Cherry. How do u find Cyprus?"
"Hi Cherry, do u like Cyprus?"
"Where did u go today?"

errrrr, I've just arrived...tee hee hee.
lovely sweet cake for dessert
and a Greek dessert with filo pastry and tonnes of almonds inside..
drizzled with syrup.
and CHEESE!!!!
wah this dessert is so fattening!!!!

Thanks Veeny for a fantastic dinner,

actually she made fantastic meals throughout our stay there.

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