Monday, June 23, 2008

Syrian nite with Artemis

JS: "Syrian tonite."
Me: "More kebabs?????? :))))))))))))"

JS: "-_- YES more kebabs. U happy lar. Durian runtuh!!!"

YESSSS more like kebabs RUNTUH!!!!
*it's RAINING KEBABS!!!! Allelujah*

Syria is just EAST of Cyprus
I think less than an hour by plane.
Dinos & Veeny introduced this to me

"They can drink ALCOS???????"
"Yes they can."
pour some KSARAK and add water till it fills the glass shooter.
instantly the clear alco will turn milky white.

I drank it and GAH!!! it burned!!!!
with a nice spicy after taste.

JS: *Didn't try and asked me* "How is it?"

Me: "like drinking 100% proof alcohol."
Syrians lurve to start their appetizer with MEZZE
with tabbouleh, grilled eggplant, tomato lettuce salad, spinach,
tahini, hummus and warm pita bread.
falafel and deep fried cheese in filo pastry
so yummy and so fattening yo!!
what do u call this again?
but I was waiting patiently for this!!!

If u wanna have good kebabs like the above:
1) fly to cyprus
2) go to good kebab store recommended by Dinos
3) order like Dinos

Dinos: "Pls do not overcook my kebabs. Must be *dunno how many* percent cooked!!
Dinos: "Pls only cook my kebabs when you are instructed. That is when I am almost through my appetizers."

and to have good hummus and tahini. -_-
Dinos: "You make your own tahini??? If yes bring it over....if not...we don't want."
of milk pudding with rose water and chopped pistachios on top.

I lurve rose refreshing!!!!

and u know wat's WHITE COFFEE?
white coffee = warm water + rose water
but this was the BEST Baklava I've ever tasted.
chopped nuts in filo pastry soaked in yummy honey.

so so so so yummy and good.
the honey has such length that lingers in your mouth.

hmmm why didn't I buy some home???
Veeny & Monkey
yes after dessert I'm alwiz this happy!!!!
Artemis & Reanna

Thank u Artemis, for the yummylicious and meatylicious dinner
just the way I like it.

ok, also need to thank the driver = Dinos for bringin us there
and making sure the restaurant cooked the kebab the way we liked it.

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