Friday, May 16, 2008


This is my ultimate opportunity to publish this monkey's full name here. WAAHAHAHAHAHHAH.

This is the day that this naughty primate reaches the same age as me, and Mee Mee and I would like to wish her a very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! We wanted to bake a cake and throw it at her face, but sadly we're not exactly baking experts.

Results of Mee Mee's baking efforts... not very pretty yea

So we decided to make something else we're also not exactly experts at, but will definitely look prettier than those poor burnt cupcakes...

Mee Mee posing with our creation for Bee Ree (aka monkey)

It took us quite a while, and the end result wasn't very professional-looking, but it is 100% from the heart. Unfortunately, this poor bouquet had to spend 8 hours waiting in Mee Mee's car today, before it got delivered to the birthday girl. Some of the lilies looked pitiful by then :(

We've learnt our lesson, Bee Ree. It won't happen again. (This shows just how "often" we receive flowers, that we didn't know we're not supposed to leave it sauna-ing in the car for the whole day while we went about our businesses)

Mee Mee would not allow me to post her pic without posting mine (not fair worrr, she said).

Alright, there. Satisfied now?

When the bulbs blossom, they're going to be a really pretty fuchsia, just the way Bee Ree likes them. A single bloom fell off (casualty of shipping & handling) from the bunch and is right now sitting pretty and content in Mee Mee's kitchen...

Bee Ree, we hope your birthday's been a great one. Many happy returns!


licheng said...

Kindy Cherry, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Safe trip to moo-moo land :)

cher-ry said...

*teary eyes*

WAHHHH I am so HAPPY and so TOUCHED!!!!

MUaks muaks muaks


PS: The security guards at my place sang me b-day song. :P (thanks to you all!!!! -_-)

michelle said...

eh, why nobody call me one??!!
sob** sob**