Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Meet the Boyfriends

not Meet the Parents
nor Meet the Fockers....
and this ain't no comedy at all.
JS & Charming YS
after the long deliberated busy schedule,
all the wind wind rain rain......
tornadoes, typhoons,
they finally met each other.
*aaaaaaa, pleasant sigh :)))))*

Glad that both of them kept themselves occupied
for a couple of hours.
*this is wat I call, independent boyfriends*

Beautiful CS,
May I suggest that we put them together while we attend SALES??
nyek nyek nyek
I-Forgot-wat-sweet fish with daikon cress

Beautiful CS only informed on the day itself that...
"YS doesnt consume raw food."

when all we had were raw,
raw, RAW, raw, raw and more sashimis.

Poor Charming YS~~~~~

However he got something yummy too,
Wagyu shanshoyak!!!
forgot to snap pic
duck liver which was as good as foie grais
on top of braised daikon.
Toro soup with negi *Jap leeks*, mushrooms and yuzu *jap lime*.
this is something new
deep fried salmon + toufu in soyu + mirin?
Beautiful CS & Monkey

We didn't eat much....
still bloated fr our respective lunch.

so what do u think?
no, not talking bout the place.
bout the food there we can talk later.

What do u think of my happy red lobster?
yes this one.
hiak hiak hiak.

whom u said looked like my brother (???)
We went home staring at each other
and fought for who has got the better nose, eyes, chin, face, cheek bones, smiles, dimples, eyebrow, hair until we zzzzzz-ed.

"U copied me!!!"
"Wat? how? who to blame? my mother???"
Charming YS & Beautiful CS

if both of u don't mind the sun...
we shall go deep sea fishing together.
*actually I mind the sun, :P*

let's not be too ambitious and start with
30-ways-to-cook-a-crab dinner and SALES first ya!

and I just realised that both of us soooOOoooo got to hire lawyer(s),
for all the defamation and accusation cases.
nvm, we are expecting more to come.
Bring it on!!!!

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