Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Guest Blogger Here

You know you have to get more life offline when...

People look high and low for you and worry about your safety / well-being if you are offline for several weekdays in a row without prior warning / announcement.

It has happened before, and the latest was when I went for a holiday in Hanoi and neglected to inform this monkey. The first reaction I got from her upon my return was

"I thought something happened to you! I didn't see you online for so many days, and when I SMSed you, you didn't reply!!!"

Oops. Sorry :P

And she proceeded to tell me the reason she looked so frantically for me - she needed me to do something for her and she needed me to promise that I would (this is when I started to panic, but especially when she went on saying stuff like "you're such a great friend" etc). I had already prepared for the worst when she finally disclosed her request - that I contribute some posts to her precious blog while she is not around. (phewwww).

No obligations to publish once a day? No restrictions on topics nor quality of posts? No requirements to maintain readership? Great! (let the evil ideas come forth! ) Here goes...

Hi everyone! I am the Guest Blogger, and I hope you will find my posts as entertaining as monkey's, though I will most probably not be writing about food nor wines nor golf nor glamourous events (yikes!) though I will still use excessively the expression, GAH!!!, as is customary in this blog. Have a good evening! :)

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CHER-RY said...


Thank u so much Nee Lee for taking this impossible task.

:))))))))) muaks.