Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fishing in South China Sea

Bernard da Joker: "I'm gonna sell my boat off."
We: "O_O"
Bernard da Joker: "Let's go fishing tomorrow!!!!!"
As early as 8am,
we were at the dock waiting for Miss Monkey to climb up the boat.
Yes it's connected to the land with a 1.5 feet wide wooden plank
positioned at a steep level of 9 feet high.
U tell me how to climb????

I can't help but looked down,
or should I just close my eyes and walk up???
I almost needed JS to haul me up the boat.
I'm not gonna do this again with the whole fishing clan waiting and staring and luffing at this city slicker.
Most of the fishing boat looked like this.
big and steady to withstand the strong sea.
it's quite a long boat actually
but I can't run around coz it's so unsteady and I was afraid of sea sick.

JS: "Here take some duramine or else there will be DRAMA on board later."
Monkey popped one,
it made me feel sleepy but I didn't get any seasick at all.
when your hair is like the above,
it's time to visit your hair stylist.
I bet my hairstylist is soooo gonna disapprove the above pic.
the wind is blowing erm ....North westerly?
or was it North Easterly??
If I am the captain, everyone will either capsized or lost at the dock,
coz I won't be able to maneuver the boat outta dock.
dunno wat do u call this.
every commercial fishing boat has it.
and then the engine began to run...
the hunks~~~~
JS and Jody fr Spain.
everyone seemed to be so busy,
tying hooks, adjusting "weight" at the end of the rod.

All I could do was get outta way.
Those hooks were sharp.
Make sure u have beautiful slippers on your feet like mine at all time.
So complicated!!
How to use????
What are u guys doin????
preparing sashimis for the fish.........
Monkey: "Do u think they'll like wasabi + soyu?"
JS: -_-
tie them up neatly and nicely.
Just posing.....
coz u are not supposed too fish when the engines are running.
Far far away fr land~~~~~
yep one hour away.
Bernard da Joker placed so many fishing rods around,
so can fish to the max!!!!
and then we were at the open sea~~~~~
yep really far coz we can see contena + cargo ships
time to drop your fishing rods and~~~~~
I thought it was an enduring activity with all the waiting and waiting
but I was wrong,
the moment you drop the fishing rod,
u have to be prepared for it!!!!
3 at one go!!!!
that was fast!!!
in less than 3 minutes,
Jody hauled up a big one!!!!
it's our dinner~~~~~
smaller fishes for lunch
super yum!!!!
we fished *and me watched* for the next 5 hours.
very syiok.

Can u pls not sell your boat???


licheng said...

Hooo...you holidaying in Sabah ah?? Nice catch for dinner :P

cher-ry said...

Yep. Sungguh sedap!!!