Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Japanese Super GT 2011, Sepang

it was a WORKING weekend and of coz me no likey
but being an obedient slave to my brand I went with an open mind
and it was an eye opener :))))))))))))

yeah I know so many fans were dying to go to Japanese Super GT
after all it is the only race outside Japan

the view fr the paddock was quite expected
fr the experience Monkey had many years ago from Formula One
but this is Super GT the super Grand Touring Car Championship
divided into 2 category the GT500 and GT300
it's actually the horsepower if u r wondering
nvm I was an idiot wandering around until some mightly hensem good looking hunks taught me all these :P :P :P
this is a Honda HSV-010 GT
never seen before :P
anyway the pitstop was very quick
in Super GT as part of the rules u must change driver
so each team has got 2 drivers driving the same car
the pitstop was quite messy though
coz tyres and hoses were everywhere
but as messy as it gets....they were back on track in less than 20 seconds

anyway the paddock is the best place to view the pit stop with nice cooling air cond
proper nice comfy seats and cold drinks
plus plenty of food for u to chomp on

but Monkey has got to work.....
so for the very first time, I was watching the race INSIDE THE PIT
yes inside the pit here.....if u r wondering I am with Team Thunder Asia 69
I was quite weary bcoz I know nuts esp bout the regulations and safety measurements being inside the pit!!!

"errr do I need a helmet coz all of u are wearing one??"


"errrm sir do u think I need to put on the fire proof jersey?"
No don't think so

"hmmm....wat about shoes??? Are my shoes ok??"
They are very pretty and it's fine......

errrr....and so I was standing inside the pit really like a DUMB BLONDE
trying very hard not to be on the way when the tyres are rolling
when the engineers were busy tapping onto the laptop analysing data
and tried really hard to move outta the way when everyone were panicking pushing and running around doin their job
the heavy huge can die helmets for the drivers
I tried to carry it and it was almost impossible :P
after the final briefing it's time to go for another round of practice
the adrenaline was running high
though I just joined this team my spirits were with them

"Ms. Monkey, excuse me....u r blocking the way..."
aiks....soli soli.....and hopped outta the way agian
I dun wanna be the reason if the team slowed down :P

I just dunno where to stand but after 2 days with them....I guess the best place for me is to sit upstairs at the paddock :P
the noise was CRAZY
didn't know change tyres can be so noisy :P
anyway this is really a sexay car - a Mosler

the original Mosler......
so batman :))))))))))))))

then at 1pm it is the pit walk for fans with special passes
the paparazzis were flashing away
sounds of shutters were clacking in
and my shoes were sticking on the tarmac coz it's 43 degrees
T_T my prada~~~~~~

wanna know why our PIT was the most famous???
the drivers were seriously macho and good looking
Melvin is the driver and owner of the team
he's doin this for PASSION
and of coz he's a watch collector too :)))))))))))

co-driver is Yoshida-san a talented young driver and this was his debut year
and apart fr the drivers, our PIT was so popular bcoz of the 2 beautiful hawt young ladies
flown in by Melvin all the way fr Japan
autography session
come to think of it....I forgot to get their signatures :P
pls sign on my shirt
this one is really a hardcore fan

good luck to Thunder Asia!!!!!
then I went over to check other teams
oso failed T_T

well the best GT Queens are still fr our team :D :D :D
hiak hiak hiak
Ee Von was there too...didn't know she's a motorsports die hard fan
she even came with a JAPANESE flag polo shirt

with Ee Von was dashing Yamano-San
he used to raced aka driver
now he manages a team
this team!!!!Hatsunemiku with a BMW Z4 GT3
painted with japanese anime!! so cute
and they won at number 1
congrats Yamano-San

very very ferocious machine
I just realised not many pictures of the GT500 category
coz those cars are Ferraris 550 GTS, Lamborghinis Murcielago and Mclaren F1 GTR
there are a few Lexus too
apart fr the stress of driving and strategizing
they had to work hard for PR too
smiles and more smiles...and more poses, pics, interviews etc
then the race about to start.....TEAM to the GRID!!!!!
and Monkey was responsible for her official and unofficial photographers
yea the unofficial one was Mr. JS
and another Media photographer who was in a FIRE Proof Suit

when u wear a fire proof suit...u'll end up lookin like him
no thanks I dun wan a pic with u Mr Michelin Tyre
I want a pic with him............
Vintage Chris oso wanna have a pic
at the grid.............
and my shoes was sticking to the tarmac
triap triap triap~~~~~
I dunno why they like this number
and I did a 2 minutes interview with Mel
he has got excellent PR skills

prollie I should get a job at a publishing house or something
interviewing personalities are really interesting :))))))))))))
now who wanna hire me? I'm kinda affordable these days :P
yeah I know, I made them worked so hard

okie now this squat...
yes and then thumbs up
dun move...squat sumore....

or maybe...just maybe I should be a stylist to do photoshoot? :P
thanks Mel for obliging...sorry if I made ur legs cramped :P
Thank you to the team for this opportunity
it had been a great weekend learning so much from all of you
the humongous efforts needed to be where u guys are today
the passion the love that u all have for each other
respect and hardwork

makes me realised I am not giving 100% at work when I alwiz preached about 300%
Haai!!!! I will gambatei!!!!
Thank you again
arigato gozaimasu!!!!!
and see u all soon in Japan

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