Friday, June 10, 2011

Journey to The Peak, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is alwiz a Concrete jungle
but it's good to have so many buildings
coz they casted shadows on the road esp when the sun is low
and we were alwiz shaded as we walked

the famous Bank of China building, the most recognised landmark in Hong Kong
designed and built by non other than the famous I.M. Pei
remember Louvre Paris? Anyway read bout it *here*

anyway Hongkie call this building the "Cleaver" building
scroll up and look again...
with its sharp edges and the cleaver part was actually pointed to HSBC Building
so once, there was a controversy bcoz it is the only building built in HK without any Feng Shui Master's Consultation
well I guess Mr. IM Pei doesn't believe in Feng Shui :P
anyway Amazing ppl are Eccentric so.......well that's another long story
*Ahem I.M. Eccentric*
so among the skyscrapers there are also some nice buildings left during the Brits days
St John's Church
we were walking from SOHO to The Peak Tram station
it was a good walk to burn off some calories thanks to Wan Tan Mee and yummy egg tarts :D
Can't remember how many times we've been up here...
but each time feels like a new one coz u'll never know what to expect
from the density of the air to the wind and rays of sun

at the Peak Sky Terrace, the highest lookout point for a 360 degrees view of the whole of Hong Kong Island.
we were so eppy and glad to reached on time bcoz we wanted to watch Sunset here

Partner-in-Crime Sab & Baby Wei proclaimed their LOVE for each other at the Peak
apparently it is THE PLACE to propose and renews your vows
and so all of us renew-ed our vows to have MORE wan tan mee next!!!!!!

Mommy Jacky & WL were enjoying their quiet Romantic moment watching the Sunset until Ms usual....wat else....kekekekeke....Ka-Ka-Cau

Hyper Monkey never ever have enuff of disturbing ppl
sorry it's in my blood!!!!

and then the sun is gone!!!!
all pics taken by Mr. JS
who else rite? like I have time to monkey around and snap pic????
Berr was also here :D
nope this was not the actual tram...
it's actually a Tourist Info Booth made fr old un-used tram

Peak Tram Lower Terminus Station
33 Garden Road, 
Central Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2522 0922


A humble and handsomeTaiping boy. said...

Was there in the afternoon and it rained. haiz...

CHER-RY said...

aiks what a pity....nvm there's alwiz next time? When is ur next trip?