Thursday, June 02, 2011

Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant, Singapore

Nope this was not in Thailand....hahahahahaha
yummy spicy ass firing Raw Papaya Salad - Som Tam

There's a huge Thai Community in Singapore
We just found out how huge after our premier visit to Golden Mile Complex at Beach Road Singapore

It was a lovely late Monday morning and we were still snoozing our way to this place
yeah hangover fr the nite before...again...y r u not surprised kan?
after climbing the steps up fr the basement parking
we tot we were in Thailand...
coz there's so many THAIS in this building
with shops selling everything fr Thailand
makeups, reload cards, Thai household products, Thai Fashion store
but our eyes were locked at those THAI YUMMY FOOD merchandised with such yumminess

and of coz everyone speaks Thai here
according to J&J Jelina, this is the place to be to get all the Thai ingredients for Thai cooking we have such complex in Malaysia
fish sauce + chilis and other chili dips
really authentic Thai :))))
J&J James with a beautiful scenery behind him
this tresure-place was found by a certain someone coz he do come here for some ass fiery kicking lunch

Diandin is quite a big restaurant with air cond and has the most customers
most of all it's pretty clean and comfortable
Thai prawn sashimis
guess by now all of u pretty accustomed to thai RAW prawns
but these are huge ass prawns prepared clinically
just some fish sauce, lime, chili flakes and served with finely sliced garlic and bittergourd
yeah those bittergourd oso happened to be raw

however the best raw bittergourd has to be eaten with honey served on top of a bed of ice, oh how I miss this other gem of Singapore - Pu Tien *Read about it here*
Wok fried Kai Lan with Roast Pork
yeah crunchy roast pork were again fried to such crispiness
so spells DOUBLE HAPPINESS hehehehhe nyek nyek nyek
chicken feet salad :P
yeah angmohs find them gross that Asians have chicken feet as snacks
fried minced pork with Thai basil
very hearty esp eaten with fragrant steamed thai rice
hahahah yummy fiery hot pot of Tom Yum Goong
we alwiz have the clear soup coz it's innocent and yet very very spicy
much better than the red one
deep fried chicken wings which were dissected, meat removed
and then re-stuffed with minced chicken meat with prawns, mushrooms and spicies
the outer skin was heavenly crunchy.....
this was not so enticing....supposed to be rolled fish and chicken paste rolled with salted egg yolk on beancurd skin
crowd favourite...stir fried Thai Basil with Deep Fried CENTURY EGG
the century eggs were so creamie.....just melts......
*oh by the way, we bought a tray of century eggs fr Bangkok*
steamed fish in lime juice
yeah though looked so clear and was so fiery I dare not touch it
everyone were sweating and I felt like I was in a Sauna

to chill things off...we ordered some cooling dessert
the above was Tup Tim Groob
water chestnut in red jelly served with coconut milk

wooooooaaaaahhhhh huge ass water chestnut with crunchy bites
the name translates to red rubies
and not to forget yummy Thai stick mango - kaw neau makmeung
aiiyooooo Singapore can actually import these mangoes in...
if u notice at the Malaysian Custom...all sorts of mangoes are not allowed in
I supposed this is to protect local mangoes?
looks like we need to smuggle them in for personal consumption

must come back again :))))
despite the fiery food but it was pure authentic
can't get better than this
Thank you for bringin us here :D

Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant
5001 Beach Road, #01-67 Golden Mile Complex,
Tel: +65 6293 5101

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