Thursday, April 15, 2010

GOE's Birthday cookout at J&J's

J&J Jelina made this salad!!!!
crispy bacon with sweet cherry tomatoes, aragula and baby spinach with lotsa toasted pine nuts
whenever there's a cookout at J&J, be sure to come with an empty stomach
coz food will come endlessly
wines flow like there's no tmrw....

great dinner, amazing rare wines and superb friends
J&J Jelina can really host dinner, she even made this pretty appetizers
can even deco macam Chef...well dun pray pray with this laydee
while the host J&J James was busy cleaning and arranging all the burg glasses
and foiled up all the bottles for blind tasting
those that needed to be decant...he did tat as well
i felt so pampered and all I need to do...EAT & DRINK
Si Fu Lawrence came hanging on to his life with 9 huge bags of food and groceries
plus this yummy scallop rice he made at home
and also his Bottega Bag of groceries -_-
and the cookout begun with pork chop on the wok!!!!!
JS made this specialty of fact it's a Kadazan dish fr Sabah of coz
sashimi cut quality of Hirame fish, bittergourd, shallots, lime, chilis
even Canonite Ann Liat was not spare fr working
he was busy grinding black pepper for the mis-en-place
just press your thumb onto the grinder and let it "greeeeeeeeeeggggggg"
plus there's a light at the end to check its quality
remember the scallop rice?
yea it was not done yet....toasted some japanese red shrimps and spread it over
while the pork chop was cooked to perfection
its juice were reduced with Salon Blanc de Blanc Champagne and Echire butter
grand cru butter -_-"
and he added his mommy's chili grown in Melbourne
if Chili Queen is reading this, she'll be very happy :)))))))))))))))
all time favourite - KRUG
but these ppl dun drink Grand Cuvee anymore, maybe to cook lar
Flatmate Amy brought her sons...and with Monkey here is Sangio....Sangio rite??? or was it Pinot??
J&J Jelina also made roast beef!!!!!!
eaten just on its own :))))))))
*I realised there's not many pic of J&J*
**maybe they were busy hosting**

nope, this was not oh jien ok!!!
it's just a normal scrambled omelette but
BUT with OKINAWA eggs

was passing the dish to YW
YW: "Wat's this?"
Monkey: "eggs"
YW took 2 secs to decide if he wanna whack em
Monkey: "Okinawa eggs."
that was pretty quick 
Moomba-ing Auggie brought this claypot chicken rice fr Geylang
the best claypot chicken rice in the whole of Singapore
the grains were yummy!!!!
JS made zucchini cappelini which was gone in seconds
except the vege....then next time dun waste ingredients and time
just give em pasta only
Doc & Em couldn't make it but Emily made a superb incredible seafood porridge
and I whacked 2 bowls :D
Flatmate Amy & GOE with their sons
GOE: "hey boys, u want some wines???"
more cooking by the poolside
that's Moomba-ing Auggie on the background
Si Fu Lawrence also made this sweet japanese pork belly with japanese plum
Brian brought this nyonya dish
not enuff champagne to drink izzit?
bank long service award again :P
Nespresso machine fr all of us
sudah jadi standard tat we give out Nespresso machine for all birthdays
next one must change liao
they lurve each other a lot....yes we can see tat
YW & Joanna
Joanna really lurves her bread :))))))))))))
Flatmate Amy & GOE
is tat a Desigual top there amy?
black pepper udon with chilis fr Melbourne
yep black pepper grinded by Canonite Ann Liat
this dish was so spicy it killed all the wines

Valerie brought this chocolate tart with a crispy shell!!!!

Moomba-ing Auggie & Si Fu Lawrence
*another Desigual shirt*
yes chiak chiak chiak!!!!! nyom nyom nyom
durian gelato!!!! yes it's a GELATO!!!!!
lineup of the nite~~~~
Si Fu Lawrence and Alcoholic Anonymous who flew all the way fr Adelaide
Hey bro u okie there???? already crashed onto the floor
GOE so eppy
a savoury cake....forgotten who brought this
it's like a caramel cake
later on, someone else joined Moomba-ing Auggie on the floor

dessert wine
a 1989 d'Yquem!!!!!
I felt like a million dollar monkey :P with all the minums tat nite!!!!
Alcoholic Anon crashed onto the lounge chair
JS & Brian who used to be ex-coll
rite rite????
wine of the nite - of coz the 1966 baby tat GOE brought :)
Happy Birthday mate...:))))
Location: J&J, Singapore
Tel: J&J lor
website: their facebook


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brian was Munch ex collegue :)

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