Thursday, April 22, 2010

Climb to the Vatican Dome

not many visitors know that they can climb up to the Dome of the Vatican :P
the access is at the far right of St Peter Basilica and there's admission charges

u have a choice of with lift = Euro 7
and without lift = Euro 4

we chose "with lift"
bcoz u are still required to climb a few more hundreds of steps in 20 minutes to reach to the very very top
when I say TOP it is actually right below the cross from the pic above
when we stepped out fr the lift.....we were already at the "internal" dome
with beautiful mosaic

how the heck did they lay all these with such meticulous care and it's like arts!!!
wat's Monkey looking at?

the internal DOME of St Peter Basilica
waaaahhhhhhhh so so so beautiful...
I just stood there mesmerised by the work of Michelangelo

when I looked down!!!! GAH!!!!!
SO HIGH!!!!!
and my knees turned jelly

so cantik rite? it looked like paintings :))))))))))))
once we're out of the internal dome
it's the rooftop
see Monkey is still so eppy eppy
and pretended to be a statue at a place where a saint used to be
soon later, she'll be trembling in fear
the rooftop of the Vatican
then we have to between the external and internal structure of the DOME
at the entrance down below when u purchase your tickets
they actually advise ppl who have heart problem, vertigo and claustrophobia are not recommended to go up at all
I think FAT ppl oso better not come here...coz it's so narrow and small and low
YESSS the final few steps
after like 20 mins of climb....gawd~~~~~
the view fr the Dome over Piazza San Pietro!!!!
Monkey trembling in fear coz it's too high.....way too high

JS: "Faster come out fr that corner!!!!"
Monkey: "I DOWAN!!!!!"

JS: "QUICK!!! now!!!"
Monkey: "I DOWAN!!! I KENOT MOVE!!!!!"

JS: "Come out and take pic!!!!"
Monkey: "I dowan to take picture!!!!!"


T_T so kesian lar me
garden inside Vatican City
can u see the shadow of the "cross" on top of the dome?
yep that's where we were
it's small, narrow, and so not safe
*but then of coz it's safe :P*
nah!!!! your pic lar!!!!!
I can't even walk beside the rail....
was literally glued to the walls :P
part of ROME
then it's time to go down.....
so small~~~~
how do big size ppl come up here?
big question!!!!!
I have prob turning down :P

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