Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Hour with the team

This Irish Bar we went to was celebrating Oktoberfest
throughout the whole month all day long~~~~

errrr but folks...actually hor..Oktoberfest starts from late SEPTEMBER till 1st week of October
anyway sometimes u dun need a reason just to celebrate LIFE
so we parked ourselves at the bar right after dinner

can't remember how many rounds we had...
just took turns to buy each other drinks...
*yeaaaaa all the other men in the BAR pls stay out!!!!!!*
huak huak huak hiak hiak hiak nyek nyek nyek
just look at my cards~~~~~~

I learnt how to play Big Two early this year in Langkawi with the team
and continue to improve :P
it was my 2nd practice after Langkawi
just need to grasp the fundamentals of Rules and Variations FAST!!!!
Chris da Boss was so so so STONED
I don't know why we drank so much that nite
prollie outta stress as we were chasing figures to close for another record high in the Region
and we did :)))))))))))))

early in the morning, we just dragged each other back to the hotel
dun do this we had to wake up and work very early the next day
and still had to maintain and jaga our face like any other professionals would


MC said...

YC: nx yr cny can chor dai di:) lalalalala...

CHER-RY said...

MC: wahahhaha yea yea then u can teach me sumore :P

js said...

The pic of Chris da boss looks like one of those pics that comes out in the papers once in a while when police raid massage joints or KTV lounges :)

CHER-RY said...

JS: ok I will tell him wat u've just said here T_T