Monday, April 16, 2012

Homemade Chocolate Truffles

My Si Fu Lawrence shared this recipe with Monkey
he said it's idiot and dumb proof...if it fails then I must be really really dumb :P

so it was a last minute decision to embark on this chocolate truffle thingy
bought watever ingredients I could get on the supermarket shelf...
frankly speaking, not all grocer has got everything...sometimes need to run to another one just to get one item that they have, but then this particular grocer that has this one item don't have the majority of the item that we wanted

so back to the chocolate truffles it's so easy u can make these at home in less than 10 mins :P
most important is to get DOUBLE CREAM
on the dairy products reached-in chillers there was only this one particular DOUBLE DEVON CREAM
okie's the same *I think* and grabbed it
the recipes requires 250ml DOUBLE CREAM
next dunk the 250ml DOUBLE CREAM with 150g CASTER SUGAR
on low heat....stir the above until well combined and almost boiling *but not at boiling point*

on my induction I was only using heat no.3 fearing it will burn kekekeke
yes our induction is used for cooking..
1) instant noodle
2) steamboat/shabu-shabu
3) and now this chocolate truffles :P
then stir in 180g PURE CHOCOLATE with a minimum of 70% cocoa
if u get those in chunks, it has to be finely chopped or grated
but then at the supermarket there was only some american chocolate chips and the maximum cocoa indicated only 60%

guess my SI FU gonna kill me when he reads this...
coz he only uses AMADEI chocolate for all his recipe
it's impossible to buy cooking AMADEI chocolate in Malaysia....only those normal for eating type
once u have dunk in ur chocolates into the pan/pot/watever, remove it instantly fr heat
and stir until well combined

if u like some tinge of liquor in ur truffles, at this stage add 25ml of whiskey/watever thani u want
transfer the gooey creamie mixture into a plastic container
cover it will cling wrap and place in the refrigerator until it's cold and firm *but not hard*
to shape the truffle, scoop them with melon baller or spoon
I used plastic teaspoon
then drop them down unto cocoa powder
didn't know which cocoa powder to use, I bought the normal Van Houten cocoa powder
I can sense at this point, my Si Fu is >.< and smacking his forehead

roll the ugly chocolate truffles around the cocoa powder
yeah I know, fr the pic I should have at least sieve the powder but I was too lazy :P

and finally the last stage and my favourite
pop them into ur mouth

go and try it!!!!
it's really idiot and dumb-ass proof!!!!
thanks to all my friends who bcame my guinea pigs for this last Saturday


neil said...

They look so good!

CHER-RY said...

They tasted very yummy too!!! :))))

Chasing Food Dreams said...

oo... so lovely.. gotta make these when I can spot double cream in the supermarket! I m gonna try and roll mine in more chocolate and pistachio... hehehe! Thks for the step by step... =)

CHER-RY said...

u r most welcome Food Dreams :) Lemme know the results ya!!!