Friday, April 06, 2012

Onyx Restaurant, Budapest *One Michelin Star*

It was an impromptu plan to dine at Onyx
we wanted to try the best restaurant (Costes) in Budapest but it was closed

after reading a gigantic luxury book in our suite, we found another Michelin starred restaurant in Budapest
it's so rare coz there's only Costes and Onyx with stars rating here
our fingers were so frantic tapping the numbers to make reservation
Guess lucky stars were with us then
:))))))))))))) hehehehehehehe
I love my dress that matches so well with the interior of the restaurant
me and the sofa were almost one...kekekekkekeke...

the napkin holder has got the restaurant's logo imprinted on it
everything was so decadent and beyond expectation
well after all it is a One Michelin starred restaurant....
but then Budapest was beyond our expectation in totality

I did not even bump into any beggars on the street
it's such a safe city with warm ppl
most of all it's so CLEAN!!!!! and beautiful :))))))))))))

I can not confirmed that London and Paris are the dirtiest cities in Europe
with bad air quality and tonnes of beggars, gypsies etc
I was sooooo soooo madly in love with this tea light holder
don't u think it's so pretty?

since I didn't wanna make meself looked stupid by lifting it up to check its brand name at the bottom, I didn't get to find out which brand was this T_T
Miss Monkey, opportunity comes and goes, since when u so "maintain"???? the only solution is to write to the restaurant to find out its brand so I can go source for it.
the rest of the restaurant is so so so pretty with chandeliers, lovely glassware, customised cutleries
comfortable lightings and beautiful ppl dining there
everything was so well thought-after, its interior, layout and tablewares

ermmm except him...I dunno wat's with the face
must be the Hungarian red wines that he was having :P
pffffttttt told ya to stick to white wines when it comes to Hungarian wines

I alwiz look forward to the bread tray/cart
the arrays of bread served at European restaurants are endless
usually by the time they are describing the 6th bread I've forgotten the 1st one
*the biggest bread cart experience has to be at Guy Savoy, Paris*
so the key is dun kill brain cells memorising the bread...just pick up key favourites when he's describing them...

so JS & Monkey picked out their favourites
there's some traditional hungarian bread
some with pork lard, with sausages, with bacons, cheese, grains, potatoes etc
the purple one was with potatoes...really yummy
some with herbs, nuts, fruits etc
and also some with different type of flours

the bread came with servings of terrine-liked thingy which I suspected was lard
really really yummy butter and sour cream
the butter was AMAZING!!!!!!

Dinner started with an amuse bouche of crackers and roes
just to tantalize our taste buds :)))))

since we were in Hungary, we tried the Hungarian Evolution tasting menu
the 1st course was a goose liver torte with orange-coffee gelee and goose liver royal
I'm not a fan of terrine-liked food but this one...totally blew my mind
I finished the entire plate :P
really smooth terrine and balance taste
it's served with homemade brioche which was really buttery
at that juncture, we realised we had a lot of bread hahahaahaa
Next was a simple bean soup with chorizo, langoustine and mangalica bacon
inside the soup, there's this unidentified yellow broad-liked beans
and my gawd....the STAR was the mangalica bacon

Hungary is famous with this Mangalica pork
it is a very very old breed of pig with Curly hair/fleece like a sheep
direct descendent of a wild u can imagine its flavour :))))
Mangalica has got a high proportion of lard/fat on its body with very very lil lean mean
but the taste....even chinese roast pork lose to it
I just wished the portion was bigger for me to further explore its palate

so if u are in Hungary, just consume anything coming fr Mangalica
Sausages, ham, burgers etc
Next was a suckling pig shoulder with lentils, sour cabbage foam and quail egg
anything fr oink oink is good
tee hee hee :))))))))))

at this juncture, we've concluded this is a modern european food with a hungarian twist to it
quite light and not as heavy as traditional french
the next dish was supposed to be a rabbit from its Hungarian Evolution Menu
but we requested it to be changed to something else....NO RABBIT!!!!

so we were served a course from its other Tasting Menu - Prestige Menu
fillet of sole with carrot textures served with pistachios and vongole clam sauce
Main course was a beef - look at its color!!! :))))))
Tenderloin of beed and ravioli stuffed with confit shoulder of beef
served with goulash jus

it has got grilled huge hungarian chilis and pepper
most of all just the right portion, when it comes to degustation menu....u want to leave enuff room for DESSERTS :)))))))))))
Granits to cleanse our palate
our first dessert was really cute...
the yellow noodle-liked was actually not pasta nor noodle
it's something buttery which melts in ur mouth
the actual dessert
21st century Somlo sponge cake
it was really good I finished the whole goblet

there's a "cheese" course in between main and dessert but we skipped that too
hehehhehehehee not a fan of cheeses
a picture speaks a thousand words
and there's a lil pressie to be taken home too!!
macaroons and pralines
This restaurant left such a surprise and delightful experience
of creativity in the culinary creation of Modern Hungarian Food
helmed by Executive Chef Szabina Szullo and Sous Chef Tamas Szell

Don't miss Onyx whenever u go to Hungary
do book ur table in advance as there's only 55 seats in this restaurant
don't be like us ok....last minute reservation ain't gonna secure anything
and u can only be lucky once like us :))))

Onyx *One Michelin Star*
ter 7-8 Vorosmarty,
1051 Budapest,
Tel: +36 30508 0622


js said...

And the restaurant furniture are kartell inspired design :)

Melissa said...

I like ur dress! & it really matches well with the background hor. Ohh ya..I noticed now you started to put watermarks on your photos edi. Which is a good thing too ;-)

CHER-RY said...

JS: ohhh I forgot bout that :D

Melissa: thanks :))) I love it a lot too. It's a H&M lace dress.

On the watermarks, no choice...too many ppl been stealing pics from this blog ...hmmphh -_-"

js said...

and budapest is still relatively cheap compare with other parts of Europe.....but not for long!! better start booking your flight guys :)

Chasing Food Dreams said...

what a meal! everything looked so French... and the bread selection, I think I would have just been satisfied with the bread alone!! kaka...

Beef looked so perfect its almost fake.. :p

Desserts are to die for by presentation!

and yes.. unfortunately there are many who chooses to steal pics than make their own effort... such a shame!! I experienced this too myself...hence my watermarks too...

May Ng said...

Oh..I'm a sucker for tasty freshly baked bread!

Those pictures make me salivate, delicious!

I'm seriously jealous right now ;)

CHER-RY said...

WAHAHAHA I think both Food Dreams and May Ng should be friends....and start a club called "Bread Club"

and JS will definitely b in the committee members too coz he lurves bread more than he loves me....ho ho ho ho ho.