Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The entire team celebrated Da Boss's birthday last week
I guess as u age, the pinnacle of a birthday celebration is no longer about wat gifts u received, who came to your party, how big was the entire party, how much u drank, how grand the birthday cake was etc

it has come to the turning point of gathering the closest ppl in ur life
enjoying a meal together, catching up and having each other's company,

so we had a yummy lunch at a beautiful Japanese restaurant set in a zen environment
so much of laughter it almost made me cried
and the showers of gifts - gifts of health...of ginseng, bird nest and his favourite hydrating facial mask
but the most important part was, all of us walked the journey together
hand in hand be it rain or shine

reflect back on your own past birthdays
how do u want it to be?

as for me, on my birthday, I'll remember that my mother underwent enermous amount of pain and complication
in bringing this notti Monkey into this world
yes I know. I lived it up to my title even when I was in her womb


Chasing Food Dreams said...

any excuse for get togethers are always awesome!

looking back at my birthdays, my favorite was my 10 year old one (with me in two pigtails and a long dress) with my Dad and family... I miss him alot.. =)

CHER-RY said...

That must been a very memorable one for you :)))