Thursday, April 05, 2012

Spring colors

I know....*groan*
can't run away from it rite?
dunno why every month we need new shoes

and yes every month I have new shoes
it's almost like an unspoken ritual to walk into the boutique unconsciously
to the extend JS automatically heads to the boutique's direction whenever walking with me
most of the time...well in fact all the time.

"Where are you goin????"
JS: "Well I thought u wanted to drop by to check out the latest collection."
"NO....I'm broke....let's head this way..."
JS: "But Spring collections are here...LOOOK!!!!!"

*and pointed to the pretty window display that screams BUY ME"

oh operasi menjimat wang failed

Why oh Why the Spring collections are so pretty?
from the dresses to the shoes to the bags.....
Why women are so vain???
Why am I so vain???

So ladies...the spring colors are pastel and sorbet-liked
pale yellow, peach, green, Nude, baby blue, pink
u must have it all coz I DID
*big grin and promised myself not to walk into another boutique today*


licheng said...

JS is so encouraging ;)
So...what did you buy? hhaha

CHER-RY said...

errrr I got dresses, tops, skirts, shoes, bags, accessories...