Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chef Takashi Kimura

Amuse Bouche of Akagai

if u have seen a raw akagai still in its shell, most of u will freak out
coz it's like a gigantic cockle :P
yeah as big as my knuckle
can u imagine such size of cockle = see ham used for char kuey teow?

but it has got such delicate sea sweetness innit
u can get akagai at japanese restaurants

oh yums~~~~~~
carpaccio of bamboo shoot with Ooni sauce
so simple and yet awesomeness!!!!

baby octopus with fruit tomato and basil
such tender tentacles were steamed grilled in charcoal
it has got this crunchy texture that bites with a snap
with char-grilled flavour to it
if only we can prepare octopus this way, I'll have it everyday :D

Fruit tomatoes are grown in the winter bcoz it's the sweetest tomatoes ever
it's like biting to NECTAR!!!
this is so bcoz in winter, there's less water so the fruits holds most of its sugar content
capellini pasta with abalone
all time favourite....anytime...just feed me this!!!
I can commit food genocide on this and this alone :))))))))

Chef Takashi Kimura is still keeping his secret on cooking this awesome pasta in such delicate clean sauce. What we've gathered was the abalone was sous vide-ed

Etuvee of Main Lobster with Potato Consomme
when the waiter served this...he frantically informed us that the consomme is on its way
for fear that we might finished whacking the whole plate before it arrives..
hahahaha yes we r fast eater but maybe not that fast *except my boss*

later as promised by the waiter...he came rushing with a japanese clay teapot
and the fragrant potato consomme came pouring in
hmmm u sure this is a potato consomme? coz it has got some smoky flavour innit
suspected roasted potatoes? or must be the dashi stock

etuvee is a cooking method used widely in France
something like steam baked

we had to request for spoon to finish up this super-licious consomme
yeah u r not suppose to eat this dish with a spoon but when it's this good who cares..
if I need to eat with my hands I will!!!!
or slurp it down :P

Fillet of Sable Fish with Petit Pois A'la Francaise

it is a very fat fish with high fat content
when cooked, the texture is smooth and delicate
with flaky pieces of meat

AWESOME wines!!!!
both from the same vintage and the star was definitely the Armand Rousseau
I don't mind another bottle of the Griotte coz has got this silky softness innit which was so un-chambertin
good choice to blind ppl and alwiz mistaken as a chambolle-musigny instead

so what's next :))))
main course :))))

French veal
when the meat is this good...u dun need sauce dunnit any other condiment to cloud ur palate
just the meat, cooked in its own jus

Chef Takashi Kimura and JS
I managed to capture his facial expression!!!
so cute!!!

yeah he put out his tongue coz he didn't wanna teach us the secret recipe for his Abalone Pasta
"then all of you won't come back again"
hahahahhahahaahaha we will definitely stick to u like parasites ok????

heavy discussion on cooking techniques
really heavy, only those who cooks will understand
Monkey only understands the taste :P coz I enjoyed eating so much
well u gotta eat everyday don't ya?
Chef Takashi Kimura beamed with pride after the discussion
yes JS u can never out-beat a master chef so stop trying hehehhehehehehehe

palate cleanser before our last course :)))
and it has to be this pretty :P
some zest of lime to elevate the taste coz this was Vacherin
Chocolate Mille Feuille
made fr Valrhona's a very balanced grand cru chocolate.
wat a good dinner
Thank you to a certain Si Fu for this belated birthday celebration for Mr. JS
and finally....I was informed of this MasterClass a few months ago by chef himself
and we had to missed it:"((((((

"Chef, both of us can't go away.....had to work..."
Chef Kimura: "Huh??? both of u are working?"

big --__--" x 1000000000
realising his mistake he corrected: "I thought u are semi-retired"
yeah we wished for that too

I think the MasterClass is already full
those who are in Singapore and are going to his MasterClass, I ENVY u with the deepest feeling in my heart!!!!!!
Cilantro Restaurant & Wine Bar
Micasa All Suite Hotel,
368-B Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2179 8082

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Chasing Food Dreams said...

the masterchef can even make bamboo shoots taste awesome? salute...

vacherin.. I had a taste of this in one of the MIGF menu last year.. good on its own as it was quite rich and silky smooth... =)