Friday, May 27, 2011

T&K Seafood, Yaowarat Bangkok

the fiery BBQ pit at T&K Seafood Restaurant
anyone who passes by can never stop themselves fr ogling at the FOOD!!!!
the smell was enuff to murder my tummy....must really go in...
but it is alwiz fully packed wif the hustling bustling live form that comes in the shape of human :P
so there's a reason for putting these fire pit at the ENTRANCE of the restaurant
good merchandising...hahahaha

We waited for only 8 minutes and while doin tat...we were given a menu each to choose our dinner
so it can be prepared while we were waiting...
well talking bout efficiency and table turn-around...this place is dashing with madness
*faster than the Game Apps Diner Dash!!!!!*

wahhh we were impressed....esp when it comes to branding :P

this place is pretty cramped up....
upstairs and downstairs with good air conditioning
otherwise u can opt to dine under the the road side
with more living form ogling either at your food or they are waiting to grab ur table once u r done
standard chili condiments were then placed on the table along side the cutleries
chili sauce, roasted green chili sauce...spicy yo!!!!!
this bottle of huge ass freshly squeezed local orange juice *the one with green colored skin* costed only 25 Baht = RM 2.50

initially both of us thought it was only a 500ml bottle and ordered one for each...
in the end we have too much to drink....kekekekkeek
freshly BBQ-ed cockles with the chili dips
amazingly..their cockles were so clean inside black unwanted sediments
so it was very good :))))))))))))))
the super star of the nite
by far this place serves the best glass noodle

as we were diggin in, we saw chunks of pork lard...and coriander roots
ooohhhh so that's where the yummy flavour came from...
and also spices like FRESH PEPPER as in those still fr the vine
some star anise and I dunno wat spices that looked quite familiar :P

OMG it is 7.30am now and looking at the pic made me DAMN HUNGRY!!!!
there were 3 more prawns underneath......
oyster omelette!!!!!!
goodness gracious the chicken eggs were so yummy!!!!!
and the size of the oysters.....simply indisputable!!!!
super SEDAP!!!!!! and creamie and juicy....aaaAAAAaaaa
I'm so hungry now....kluuu kluuuu kluuuuu~~~~~~
Next was the BIG HEAD PRAWNS!!!!!
the very same one that we saw grilling outside!!!!
no sauces nor salt nor pepper were needed to eat these....
oh yum yum yum yum yum~~~~~~~~~~~
and finally I digged out its brain....
the brain alone is so huge....and yummy hi-cholesterol goodness came oozzzzziiinnnggg out
hmmm how could it be "goodness" when it's so bad for your health?
I have got HUGE MOUTH...
ermmm well otherwise how to eat so much
*but looking at the other person's plate....I think he ate more than me :P*

judging fr the top that I'm wearing...u know damn well it is STILL ON THE SAME DAY!!!!
heeeee and I haven't blog bout our lunch and supper :P

the dinner above was 500 baht = RM 50
T_T.....wished we could eat more...kekkekekeke
oh yea there was also a vege...dunno wat happened to the pics. :P
so in total 5 dishes and 2 huge ass fresh fruit juice :))))

T&K Seafood Restaurant,
49-51 Soi Phading Dao, 
Yaowarat Road,
Bangkok 10100.
Tel: +66 2223 4519
They operates from 4.30pm to 2.00am


Loose said...

Not only you... I'm very hungry too!! By just looking at those food pics... *saliva drooling*

CHER-RY said...

hello Loose!!!! yeah my bad coz I got a lot of complaints about this post - triggered too many readers punye stomach liao....kekekekekke

amyquek_ps said...

looks like we must go back to bkk for a foodie holiday! I think the last time i went to bkk was like 5 years ago for a work trip and ate only hotel food!

CHER-RY said...

Flatmate Amy: Hotel food? Never eat hotel food unless it's raining. We had a lot of hotel food in Paris when it was snowing....really wasted.

yeah go and plan a foodie holiday wif GOE :D