Monday, May 09, 2011

Domaine du Pegau dinner with Winemaker

it was an honor to be invited alongside 13 other wine enthusiasts to meet the winemaker of Domaine du Pegau
an evening of exploration, discovery and friendship :))))

Domaine du Pegau started in the 17th century when they only owned a small parcel of land
they planted olives and cherry trees surrounding these plot of land
this domaine was then known as Domaine Feraud Fils
so fast forward to 2011 :)))))
the winery is being run by the great great grand daughter - Laurence
yes it's a SHE!!!! *girl power!!!!*

after having completed her studies in winemaker Laurence joined the family estate in 1987
and the rest is history :)))
the dinner was arranged by Alcoholic Anonymous ST with an extensive menu for pairing of over 16 bottles :))))))))
Winemaker Laurence Pegau, Monkey, Michele, J&J Jelina
yes J&J drove all the way fr Singapore for this dinner :)))
yes when u do have the opportunity to meet the person in flesh u ask all the questions
the whole nite long :P
the intricacies of winemaking, aspirations and challenges
it's almost an interview kekeekeke
then the guests settled down and Laurence started her presentation
fr the history to vineyard and winemaking
so fr the grapes to the glass :))))))
everyone was so serious...dunno y...must be the formal setting
plus 50% of the guests didn't know the other 50%
however by the end of the nite....we knew we gonna touch base again hehehehe
the blind tasting of the nite started with burgundies
Clos de La Roche 91 *favourite!!!!*
Clos de La Roche 2001
Clos de La Roche 2006 - was the easiest to pick up bcoz of its color

DRC Romanee St Vivant 94

Denis Mugneret Richebourg 88 *this bottle was corked*
to date I've had experience with 3 bottles of corked wines....with the oldest from 66
really a pity :"(((
our Amuse Bouche of cream of Cepe mushroom soup scented with shavings of black truffle
no spoon...just pick this cuppa up and enjoy it :D
Carpaccio of Tuna otorro with avocado wasabi and avruga caviar
it was so generous and totally not carpaccio at all
Pate en croute of Venison with Foie Gras in red wine sauce
I totally didn't like this
Laurence in deep discussion with Alcoholic Anonymous ST
pan roasted Maine Lobster with sea scallop and pan jus
grilled wagyu ribeye with sauce chasseur

lineup of the nite
think we didn't open 2
Michele, Monkey & J&J Jelina
Michele is Laurence's bff fr wine school
Laurence signed a bottle for JS & Me :))))
vintage 2007
not any bottle but the legendary and rare Da Capo

J&J James, pls check again the 2000 that u opened at the wedding
I think the price has doubled up fr ur purchase price
I was never a Chateauneuf de Pape person then
guess it years ago at my very first bottle gave me a bad impression
and soon after the guidance and apprenticeship of CDP lovers I picked it up easily :))))
yeah....bottles like Chateau Rayas to perk my palate
aiseh...if drink Rayas all the time sure go bankrupt :P
anyway 2 of my Rayas were from J&J --> Thank u!!!!!!
since it's a CDP evening.....guests brought rather interesting wines :))))
there was a bottle of Italian and again was easy to pick bcoz of it's mushroomie nose
La Chapelle 90 by Jaboulet
Who brought this????
actually I didn't know who brought what
this was rather young to drink from Laurence
big format --> magnum
J&J Jelina by deduction and her high intelligence picked it up without a sniff
bcoz there was more pour on each glass....hahahahahha

aiseh...think we need to educate the staffs at Sage
also the preparation of wines for the evening could be better
it was either not breathe properly or needed longer time to fully develop the wines
Romanee St Vivant is alwiz welcomed :)))))
anyone wanna buy 4D? this bottle is numbered 4569
another bottle fr Laurence's domaine - 2008
I think it was rather farnie to blind the winemaker her own wines
and of coz she picked every bottle with such precision and confidence
again....rather young....
this was good but my pick was still the 1991
my favourite CdlR of the nite
Monkey & Laurence
and soon everyone queue-ed up to have a pic with her :D
Laurence & JS
she is very charismatic and speaks perfect english
not very often u have winemaker who can communicate this well
I supposed the new generation of winemakers are so different fr their grandfather's time
JS with the 2 lovely ladies!!!!
Alcoholic Anonymous ST oso wanted another pic
Prince C came later rushed fr another meeting
yea I know u wanted to ask....he has got meetings?
yes he does :))))))) well if u wanna enjoy life...everyone has got to work
J&J Jelina and James
thank u for coming all the way....and rushed back for the GE
so Jelina did u bring a Kate Spade bag to vote?
Victor and Mrs, Michele, Munchy & Laurence
I oso can't remember who's fr the Wine & Food Society
a big THANK YOU to Alcoholic Anonymous ST
for all the arrangement and most important...for importing great wines in...hehehehehehe
if u are wondering, yes he's a Wine Lord and Trader


LianneK said...

Small world .. I know alcoholic anonymous punya wifey :-P He is base in Oz, no?

CHER-RY said...

Guten Tag Lianne!!!

WAH wat a small small world...yes the Mrs and kids are based in Oz but Alcoholic Anonymous is based everywhere :P

We met the Mrs a few weeks ago at:

js said...

Just to add on......domaine du Pegau(pronounce PAY GO) like chateau Rayas is amongst the top domaines in the appellation d'origine controlle(AOC) of Chateauneuf Du Pape. It's not like you get to dine with such famous wine makers every week!! Die die also rush from Ipoh and brave the speed traps from singapore to attend :)))