Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hinoki Japanese Restaurant

fresh oyster in its natural jus, some ponzu and grated pickled japanese radish

it's been quite a while since we had japanese in Singapore
coz the itinerary is alwiz packed with so many things to eat and we dun have time to try anything at MBS yet...but review fr friends are not so let's give that place some time to "evolve" 
dried FUGU fish served with toasted baits which were flatten
since it's can't really feel the "tingle-ness" that u get fr eating the fresh FUGU
fresh alaskan king crab served with just a simple dipping sauce
well in fact no dipping sauce required here with its sea juicy-ness flavour fr its flesh
all the beautiful creation lining up at the sashimi counter
Chef Lawrence Chia lookin so meticulous here
yes u got it...Chef Lawrence was previously fr Kome at Keppel Club....and now he's here at Hinoki
the signature creation of egg custard with mashed century egg gelee
served with a secret sauce and some fish roe
this lil appetizer was served just superb
sashimis of hiramasa, torro, scallop, amber jack fish and butter fish
smoked japanese duck....well somehow chinese and french still make the best duck in the world
grilled beef cube done medium well drizzled with another secret sauce :D
we needed some comfrort food...and out came the king crab in a superb broth
served with toufu, japanese mushrooms and vege...
oh yummm till the very last bit

we were pretty tame that nite...but that was just the beginning...hehehehe

drinks were chilling in the bucket
J&J franchise :D
nice smiles folks!!!!
the kids must be wondering, if only daddy smiles like this all the time
after the sashimi came the sushi courses
OONI!!!!!! SEA URCHIN!!!!!
can never get sick of this....well not yet....
I look fwd to having ooni tempura in Tokyo :))))))))))))))))
garlic fried rice with beef FATs
was asked to posed for this.....
expression: enjoying my hearty fried rice :)))))))))))))))
nyam nyam nyam chomp chomp chomp nom nom nom
JS -_- "asked u to pose not ber-drama"
think I'll need a bigger bowl....
after a bottle of champagne, a white burgundy and 2 red...inclusive of a Richebourg
Monkey decided it was not enuff....and ordered another bottle of SMALL SAKE

Chef Lawrence: "Dun worry, u can finish a big bottle"
true enuff....we finished that bottle of sake coz it was so drinkable :)))))))))
dunno wat brand...can't read kanji

dearie JS...thank u for the minum....
wat champagne was that again??? another boutique maker?
ROASTED BLACK SESAME ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
peach ice cream with pieces of peaches inside
yum yum yum yum yum~~~~~~~
our neighbour was there too....
can't wait for our next makan....which is like ermmm a few hours time? :D
the main entrance of Hinoki is so zen
and this place is definitely fuss free
just leave it in the good hands of Chef Lawrence Chia and he'll whip tonnes of yummy goodness outta his kitchen..........non stop..literally
Hinoki is usually packed during lunch hour
so if u wanna truly enjoy ur meals book for dinner at his counter
well that's the best spot to watch all the actions goin on rite?
group picca with Berr :))))))))))))))))))
thanks for everything Chef Lawrence
and tq to that certain someone for dinner :))))))))))))))

Hinoki Japanese Restaurant
South Bridge Court #01-50/53,
China Square Central,
Tel: +65 6536 7746


A humble and handsomeTaiping boy. said...

Nice sushi there. Must try the kengan water also. Let me know if anyone keen. Special invitation only.

CHER-RY said...

Kengan water?????