Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Vainity Weekend

who can resist a great pair of shoes
esp when it has THAT towering heights

Sorry...Monkey is tiny, she needs all the heights she can get
many ppl asked isn't it painful to be wearing stilettos
answer is absolutely NOT
the key lies in the degree of the arch....
a good pair can get u the whole day without limping and yet it fits in such perfection u walk with confidence and elegance...*ahem*
I can be limping even in my TODS driving shoes

this is totally a vain post...hehehehehehe

also it depends on the width of your feet...
I have got really wide toes...so it ain't easy to find something comfy
so alwiz remember to try them on and walk on em

I first saw this pair a few days ago with no intention to buy shoes *well as if*
OMG...SUEDE PUMPS!!!! I want!!!!
it is 5.5 inches...yes my desired height
THEY HAVE GOT MY SIZE!!!! great!!! I want!!!
WAT??? it is only SGD 45??? and Citibank card has got additional discount???

ok take my money now!!!!TAKE!!!!!


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