Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hi tea at Grand Hyatt Erawan Tea Room

wat else do u do in Bangkok apart fr EAT & SHOP and eat and shop?
well eat sumore!!!!!!

to aid my ailing feet fr all the walking, we needed a nice comfy place to sit
and to replenish all the energy and calories burnt during the shopping feat
usually we'll walk back to the hotel which is just at the corner *so convenient*
dumped all the shopping bags in the room and continue/repeat wat we've just done
hehehehhehheh bliss~~~~~~~

so we ended up at this Tea Room at the shopping gallery connected to our hotel
I lurve their comfy couch....cute rite? can sit 3 notti Monkeys :)))))))))))

without much hesitation Monkey settled with the afternoon tea menu which was so so so extensive
lookin at its menu just makes me salivate :P
JS went O_O and said: "Ok I am not eating....dun spoil dinner tonite"
"well tonite is is lar..."
errrr well it was already 4pm by then...hehehehe

so JS had his usual coffee and that yummy piece of burnt caramelised coconut cookie was oso donated to my tummy :P
really really good...not ur usual coconut cookie
the outer part has a crisp crunch fr the burnt shredded coconut
on the inside...the was soft and chewy....just the way we lurve it :D
I got u hungry yet? :)))))))))))

the tea menu was so extensive and came in this beautiful handcrafted tea pot
so I chose something very Thai - Asam Rose tea and it was so so so good~~~~~

then my hi tea set came....WAHHHH so pretty!!!!
there's savoury and sweet cute bite size yummy goodies~~~~~

on the left was this Moo Ping = grilled marinated pork skewer
it was very very good and the meat was very tender and sweet

over the top that looked like pie tee was Mieng Kratong Thong = deconstructed mieng kam
u know the appetizer that Thais eat?? with an array of condiments and u wrap em up in a betel leave?
well this one has got roasted coconut, lime, chilli and ginger with betel leaves all prepared inside the crispy pie tee basket...
so dunnit to work so hard for ur food just like the traditional mieng kam....just stuff that piece into ur mouth n enjoy!!!!! so delicate and fine :)))))))))

next on ur right that purplish thingy Chor Muang Sai Poo = steamed Flower-shaped dumpling filled with crabmeat. It was so beautiful I didn't wanna eat it....

and then there's the Sakoo Sai Tua = steamed sago dumpling with minced turnip and peanuts
the skin of this dumpling was thin and yet it contains sago...
so it's chewy with such good texture and definitely not enuff for me...I wished there's a dozen more!!!

and lastly was the Kari Puff Sai Gai = Thai style chicken curry puff
this was the least favourite coz I still preferred Malaysian style curry puffs :))))))))
trying to tempt JS to eat...
"u sure u dowan??? sure sure??? sure??"
anyway JS ordered Chiang Mai styled pork sausage later on :P
think he kenot tahan already hahahahha
the sausage was grilled to perfection and served with sliced young ginger and chilis
so u r supposed to eat with em
spicy yo!!!!!
OK now back to my hi tea :P
after finishing the savoury ones...time to indulge on the sweet ones
OMG!!! so pretty!!! look at the tiny strawberry and carrot constructed fr sweet bean paste!!!!
they even used some citrus leaves and cut it to such artistic perfection

so there's the usual scones and served with clotted cream and strawberry jam from Chiang Mai, Thailand.
a skewer of really really sweet and melts in the mouth rock melon

Kanom Krog = crispy rice pudding with taro, corn, pumpkin or spring onion
can't really see this one coz it's at the back...but I've blogged bout it yesterday when we saw it at the market....really creamie on the inside with coconut cream/milk and crispy on the inside

then there's the round greenish thing = young coconut puff
and of the coz the cute Look Chub = sweet bean paste fruit shapes
really sounds chubby...hahahah...fat fat round round and CUTE!!!

lastly the Kanom Kluay = banana dumpling in banana leaf cone
with more shredded coconut on the top
oh yum yum yum!!!! nicer than Cornetto...hahahahaha
JS: "eh u looked very chubby eh? FAT ady!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"nvm eat first....u gonna finish those sausages????"
oh not the forget my favourite Khao Niew Makmuang = Mango with sticky rice
served with toasted lentils on top to give the sticky rice some texture
it was reaaaaallllyyyyyyy YUMMY!!!
I wished they have given me more mango!!! hahahahahaha

I hereby declared I'm really a COW :P
with 4 stomachs of coz...hehehehehehe

the above Hi Tea set was 240 Baht = RM 24 nett
*mind u this price at a luxury hotel*
**Carcosa Seri Negara KL Hi Tea set which suck ass is RM 65++**

WAHHHHHH we can eat again tmrw
JS -_-" "arrrghhhh pls spare me!!!!! no more eating!!!!"

Erawan Tea Room,
2nd Floor, Erawan Bangkok Mall,
*connected to Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel*
494 Rajdamri Road,
Bangkok 10330, Thailand.
Tel: +66 2254 1234

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