Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent Roady

YSL Roady hobo bag will alwiz be a classic
for a very very very long time

yes I know it's a hobo but it's a truly unique hobo
with its soft nappa leather and even more unique handle
all Roady comes with the signature Gold Brass metal attached to its handle
the bag looked so simple but yet such an intricacy to produce

this color in Fuoco is so outstanding *so Bagaholic :)*
Monkey had been lusting for one since ages ago but then again the size is so European
meaning it's just too huge for my small frame.....
until.......one fine day when I stepped into my favourite Bag Boutique
and again saw the Roady in Fuoco color
Monkey drooled like a one year old

"I lurve the bag so much.....do u have other sizes?"
S.A.: "Sorry, we only have one size....."

hmmmm disappointed then I asked:
"Ok :(((((((((....do u have any new arrivals?"
S.A.: "Yes indeed we do....lemme check...."
and it took S.A. quite some time coz the new arrivals were still in carton box
upon returning she was beaming with smiles bigger than mine...coz she found something for MONKEY.....I lurve u S.A.!!!!!
well ain't easy to find a great Sales Assistant rite? She should be my Personal Shopper lar!!!!
the limited edition of YSL Roady
color: Turqoise
Material: Patent leather with Gold Brass details

eyes popped out fr my socket, S.A. was lookin rather pleased with her newly found treasure among the new shipment fr Europe, coz she knew damn well....the Ka-Ching $$$$ sound will soon to be heard

"OMG this is so ME!!!! what size is this? I've never seen it before?"
S.A.: "It is small and we call it Mini Roady.....very few pieces and this is the ONLY ONE in Singapore."
and the rest is history ~_~
I lurve my new Mini Roady :)))))))
and yet it is like a black hole bcoz it can store all my stuffs plus my iPad
so it was my birthday pressie for meself :D

Yves Saint Laurent Roady in Patent Leather
Retails: USD 1,295


amyquek_ps said...

This bag make me drool also...Good buy!

neil said...

May Bag :D

CHER-RY said...

Flatmate Amy: Yea they have so many diff colors and materials.....aint easy to choose though..hehehe

Nee Lee: no lar.....I vely long time never buy bag ady :)))))