Monday, May 23, 2011

Vertigo Bar, Bangkok

It was Ms. Monkey's birthday and JS brought all of us here *incl Berr*
Vertigo & Moon Bar at Banyan Tree Bangkok

he hired a driver and a car for the whole nite and we were chauffeured around
anyway service industry in Thailand is top notch nobody can beat that
every single time before Monkey can jump out of the car in glee
the driver has already jumped out faster than me *how can???* to open the door and held out his hand
so why is she so unhappy here?
lookin like she's about to cry?
deep in thoughts.......must be calculating how many candles to blow :P
nope I was in FRIGHT!!!!!
think I was almost in tears~~~~
Vertigo & Moon Bar is actually at the ROOFTOP of Banyan Tree
roof top as in no roof lor~~~~~~~

*pics stolen fr the web*
it's almost like sitting on titanic on top of the hotel :P
I vely scared!!!!!

we chose a table which was NOT next to the glass ledge
if u look down fr the glass ledge..there's nothing in between urself and watever that's down there
it just drops all the way down......

the entrance fr the lift foyer
u'll need to climb 2 more floors before reaching this roof top bar and restaurant

it took Monkey so so much courage just to walk up and down this flight of steps
I glued meself as close as possible to the wall
despite not feeling my was like draggin someone's legs which were attached to my body all the way up
the gust of wind made it worse....arghhhhhhhh
this place is divided into 2 sections
the dining aka restaurant and the BAR
so it's pretty big and can accommodate hundreds of ppl

still no smiles fr Monkey :((((

JS said Bangkok is not one of the brightest city in the world...
yeah I think he's right
but then it's so BIG!!!!!
with 12 million population in this metropolis
*KL is only a city and not metro*
wait!!! lemme locate our hotel!!!! where is it?

JS went around snapping pics
while I continued to rattle on my chair
Monkey & Berr
I think I got used to the heights after some time
anyhow I was clutching my chair the whole nite :P
and didn't move

was quite windy and cool up there
and it was Full Moon
perfect :))))))))))
cept that I kept on clutching my chair and imagined what it feels like if the building falls backwards
then time to go home....
my legs were so jelly-liked...I had to hug the handle of the steps to get down to the lift lobby
can't feel anything at all :P
Thank you for bringing me here :D
or I brought u here? kekekekekekek
next time we'll come here for sunset cocktail ok? :))))))))))))))

Vertigo & Moon Bar
Banyan Tree Hotel
21/100 South Sathon Road,
Sathon, Bangkok 10120,
Tel: +66 679 1200


Agnes Sim said...

need entrance fee? foods there expensive or not?

CHER-RY said...

no entrance fees. The food and drinks are of Banyan Tree's pricing :)))