Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Flatmate Amy & GOE cocktail reception @ Gattopardo

Beautiful Flatmate AmyAmanda

she was so busy receiving all her MAFIA guests :P
the venue was decked with dark red roses and black feathers
music played softly in the background but most of the noises came from the paparazzi
sound of shutters were soon clicking away with blinding flashes
dun think I've seen so many photojournalists who are also my friends

so here u go...some snapshots fr Mr. JS

Karen, Monkey, Wei Nee, Joanna, J&J Jelina
the theme was Mafia Chic so most of the Mrs were decked in sophisticated sexay BLACK and feathers~~~~~

we somehow must have some form of feathers on us....otherwise nobody will wanna photograph us
GOE has got 2 tables of birding friends with ferocious machines.......I mean cameras

the Groom aka GOE and his long lost brother separated at birth Prince C
they gave me the Chinese Mafia pose......*failed*
Flatmate AmyChampagne Queen Val
she was so so excited....hehehehe
but all the 110 guests were very well behaved bcoz everyone showed up on time
lurve her hair....with white rose and black feathers~~~~~~

JS, Prince C, Munchy
"Hey guys...gimme the Malaysia version of Mafia pls!!!!!"
Champagne Queen Val Juliana
all the Mrs. Mafia :)))))))))))))))

Chef Mervin fr Akashi Japanese Restaurant with Mafia J&J James
the Sporean Mafias...kekekekeke
Read bout my visit at Akashi *here*

beautiful beautiful ladies
everyone was at their very best....
everywhere I turned to, I see beautiful ladies....
hmmm wat happen to the gentlemen????

we were feeding ourselves with this yummy Parmigiana the King of Cheese
lurve the way they served it on its wheel!!!!
just pop em in and went so well with the champagne :)))))))))))
Bro and sister Mafia team: Leanne Dr. Shaun *ok soon to be doctor*

Leanne is sooo pretty I must have a pic with her!!!
and she's taller than me -_-"
she's only 16
think I need to eat more to grow taller or wear higher heels :P
ladies were busy yapping and drinking and munching away
lurve Karen's sexay back dress :)))))))))))
ok u gotta come back tmrw for more pics of the dinner reception
wif more beautiful pics of the Bride......and yes the Groom of coz


Tsu Lin + + said...

Your dress is stunning!!!! Really love the blue & the cutting. You should write about what you wear, like your daily post in Switzerland.

CHER-RY said...

Hello TL!!! How have u been? How's the weather in UK now? :)

Thanks I lurve the dress too....yeah wished I have more time to cam-whore and document em...but TIME is alwiz not at anyone's side...kekekeke...

U take care there and thanks for visiting the blog :))) *hugs*