Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sawadee Kaa Ronald Mcdonald

yea i know...McDonalds in Bangkok?
to be precise McCafe :)))))
since we needed an early morning fix and this outlet is opened 24 hours
CORN PIE!!!!!!!! 15 Baht = RM 1.50
and the latest was Broccoli & Mozzarella cheese pie
29 Baht = RM 2.90
Broccoli pie is a savoury one with bits and pieces of broccoli
and lotsa yummy mozzarella pulling itself outta the crispy pastry
see the pie is so swollen with its fillings inside
u know that it's super crispy with all its "measles-liked chicken pox" texture on the pastry
the moment u sink ur teeth is so crunchy u can hear it in ur head :)))))
krup krap krup krap

Off topic:
JS: "mai bhen rai kaap...."
and alwiz kaap here n there whenever he speaks Thai
so Monkey just played along n pretended to understand Thai 
"krup krup krap krap"

JS: "wat's tat?"
"errrr eating crispy pie sound?"

corn pie was heavenly
must be the custard~~~~~
and the occasional bites of sweet corn
look at that face
beh-tahan :p
great espresso + comfort = Happy
yup it's a lounge concept with an al fresco dining on the outside
the new ambassadress of McD 
where's ur red lipstick monkey?

go to their website and drool at their Samurai Pork Burger :P

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