Thursday, October 03, 2013

Airlines Food

I promised myself to keep postings on food consumed on flights that Monkey traveled in.

The above was:
Route: Taipei - Kuala Lumpur
Airline: Malaysia Airlines
Class: Business

Anyway it isn't fair to review the above meal bcoz I didn't have its meal meal. Just appetizer of grilled chicken breast with oden, fruit salads, a really yummy Taiwanese Pineapple Cake and the signature satays of Malaysia Airlines.

I forgot to order chef on call meal most of the time, bcoz I m perpetually on the run and forget things like this....otherwise u get to have really nice selection of special meals. Yes even roti canai with yummy dhal, or a grouper fish curry. 

On another flight to Paris
Chief Steward: "Madame, your grouper is onboard." and gave me a thumbs up
Monkey was blur for a moment b4 she remembered that she DID pre-ordered her meals.

"Oh ok thank you."He seemed more excited that I did :P

Sorry readers, I forgot to snap pic of my grouper coz she was seated next to some VVIP *I was travelling alone to Paris* and I wanted to behave and be civilised for a bit instead of cam-whoring with my airlines food. The VVIP next to me soon enquired for the same meal but there was only ONE GROUPER onboard

If you are interested on wat kind of food they serve on Business and First Class for Malaysia Airlines, find out more here:
First Class

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Otherwise visit this fav website of mine for all sort of meals including cabin crew meals

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