Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tsukiji Market *Part 1*

Welcome to the World's Largest Fish Market - Tsukiji Market. Out of chaos and interference all the time, most pics were taken at a quick snap shot.

We were there in October and November so this is a belated posting :D
sorry folks, I am really lagging behind all my much to tell so much to share with all of you and I've only have got time to do a few postings each week. >.<

There are rules and regulations any visitors will need to abide to here at Tsukiji. Walk at the destination area if you don't want to be knocked down by all those fast vehicles. Be it trucks or pushing carts. This place is hustling bustling and it's busier than the American S&P or Nikkei stock market.

Trucks shuttling huge blocks of ice were moving about ferociously. I wondered wat kind of engine they installed coz it's impossible small trucks with heavy loads like this can move so fast and so silently. It's almost stealth so u won't even know it's right behind you until the driver had to give u a loud honk.

These small vehicles are even more ferocious. Look at its speed!!! it's agile and moves easily in between those narrow lanes and walkway from stalls to stalls. I wished I have one of these :))) they are so cute and fast and looks nice to drive around in huh?

Seeing all these fast machine, u better walk at your designated area.

Boxes and boxes of fish and seafood ready to be shipped out of Japan. There's a port nearby. Nearly 2,000 tonnes of fish are being handled here each day...yes!! that figure is per day!!!.

that's like 2 million kilogrammes!!! Per day!!!!

some of the alley is this narrow, so u just need to be careful navigating around those delicate boxes with really really expensive sea produce innit...

The Tuna Auction starts at 5.25am but u'll need to be here by 5.00am to register. It is only limited to 120 visitors each day. But because of its popularity, sometimes the registration may even closed before 5am!!!! so I guess you have to be here as early as possible to queue???

Nah...we did not :P
it's too difficult to wake up at 3.30am, get ready by 4am and arrive by 4.15am to queue.
pffffffftttttttttttttttt but for those enthusiasts out there, this may be the experience for you :)))

bodies were laid down there....ready to be cut.
errrr yea bodies or should I say frozen tuna. There's a method how these babies were being fished, bleed and then frozen in the ship/'s done in a way that the muscle/meat of the Tunas don't even know that it's dead...I don't remember the name of this process. Got to ask JS

It's big!!! this has got to be 64kg!!!! definitely heavier than me!!!!

Okie I get it all the samurai long knives to butcher the Tunas but why a hook?? eeeee it's so grim.

The tuna heads are sure fresh and there's no smell at all. Look at their eyes...crystal clear. They don't look big isn't it?

okie now compare it with my head...
they cheek is definitely wider and bigger than mine!!!!

Different cuts of tuna is sold at different price

These are Tuna cheeks. Look at its marbling!!! it's one of the most sought piece after the fatty belly of Tunas. I lurve the way Kanesaka Sushi prepares them *Read about it here*

but I am not too sure how do u consume tuna eyes though. There's so much of fats and tendons around the eyes.

sharpening the knives....this is the kind of sights that JS longed for...whenever he can't sleep at home, he'll go to his kitchen and sharpen his huge collection of knives.
*Zak zak zak*
gulped, yea I better behave >.<

more sharpening knives in action
everyone looked so gruesome their fishmonger black/yellow boots, hardy plastic aprons with dangerous and long weapons like..errrr knives.....

onto happier sights of Ooni!!!! Sea Urchin!!!!!
oh yumms...there were like loads and loads of it, from different sea, different quality, taste and colors!!!

Fish much!!! just by looking at it, ur cholesterol level can shoot up. And they are really cheap...
Say 700 Yen = RM 23
yeah for that huge tub of big juicy roe

more fish roe

the poisonous Fugu fish. This fish has got not much taste but its meat is really juicy, so at the end of the day it depends on how the Chef prepares it.

there's so many types of fish of different colors, size, shapes. Don't know where to begin...just point and go wah-wah-ing as we walked past.

The rule of thumb here is to walk quickly, do not touch the fish, and do not block the narrow alley. It's really a busy market yo. Anyhow this inner part of the market is only opened to tourists like us from 9am onwards. Before that when the market is hustling bustling with activities, no unwanted ppl are needed to add to the crowd and danger.

looking at all the glorious sweet amaebi made me wished that we have a kitchen now in Tokyo, so we can just buy these babies off and cook at home!!!! hahahaha

Mr. Octopus....can u predict which football team will win this World Cup???

this one is rather pretty looking :))))

Hellooo???? Heerroooo???

crunching numbers after a busy day

These mussels are GIANT!!!

Baby abalone!!!!

We visited Tsukiji Market twice during our trip. And it's sure ain't enuff :)))) This is only the posting of Part 1, concentrating on inner market with all the wet produce. There's another section of dry food.

Tsukiji Market will be relocated by Spring 2015 so folks while it's still here at this historical site *for the last 78 years* please do come by :)))
For more information on this market and visitation hours/rules please visit the below's link:


mun said...

Wow, thank you. You really took many close up photos of the market and sea products. I have been there twice but each time I just quickly pass through the wet area to find the place where they serve tourists (long queues) fresh sashimi. The fast moving vehicles frightens me cos I was afraid of being ran down by one, hehehe.

CHER-RY said...

Hello Mun. Yeah not easy to move around here. Too dangerous in fact!! hahaha.