Monday, November 11, 2013

Tsukiji Sushiko, Tokyo

Fancy having sushi early in the morning for breakfast? Not really my kinda thing, but wait.....after the great gastronomical journey in Japan for almost a month. Having fresh fish early in the morning IS REALLY my thing now....hahahahaha. How a person could change his/her moral of the story give everything a try in your life :)))

This sushi place was just a walking distance from the famous Tsukiji Market. I will prepare a separate posting on the world largest fish market. Our red eye flight from Malaysia was pretty smooth and both of us slept like King Kongs. We dozed off before the flight could take off and Miss Pretty Stewardess have to shook me awake to enjoy my favourite satays on board. Hahahaha. JS just never bothered with inflight meals and he hardly have any food. So when we arrived Tokyo early in the morning, his stomach was in sirens....bee-boo-bee-boo. Need Food!!!!

We had a brief walk around Tsukiji Market before the Fukuyamas brought us to Tsukiji Sushiko. It is just an average sushi place - according to them. Their standard is pretty high. Very high I must say. But having no complaints we tagged along....coz the sights at all those small lil sushi corners at the market itself is crazy!!!! it's like they were queuing up to buy properties T_T and most of them are blur tourists.

Having the Fukuyamas to our advantage, they brought us across the street to this fully air conditioned, no queue, no eating while standing up kinda thing. Down side is they don't open for breakfast, but only by 11.30am. The timing was just so right, by the time we've crossed the busy Harumi Street, spotted the main entrance....the staff was just placing a signage outside and declared We are Open for Business.....Irashaimase!!!!

the galore of fresh seafood at the counter was like candy bar to me :P
Hot towels were served, oh well not for u to chomp chomp nom nom definitely. It was really a hot day. We arrived Tokyo at 29*C and left at 15*C....such big change of temperature this autumn.

All the beautiful White Fish, no soy sauce, to be eaten only with sea salt.
Yeah in the sushi school of taught, dipping your white fish and drench them with soya + wasabi is disaster!!!! enjoy the delicate white fish and its sweetness.

I was in ecstasy because the fish was so delicate with a crunch!!!! HOW COULD IT BE????
MW Maho: "Coz it was never frozen before my dear....straight from the fish market."
so....this is how sushi should taste like huh?

and the fish should never be cold, when it's too cold u cant' taste anything basically. The rice should crumble in your mouth with even delicate hint of vinegar.

enjoying the transition of Tuna.....of different cuts and parts...
from less fat to more fat and fatty but we didn't go for the fattiest cut...too much. I can't find a word to describe its texture...awesome~~~~

We never like squid but gave it a try was so different and so creamy. extremely sweet with a few specks of sea salt on top.

We have many other fish, fish roe, fish liver, Butan Ebi
I wondered wat happened to the pics....too many...thousands of them and it will take a while to organise and sort them out for this blog.

Sea Eel aka Anago was so soft minus the usual fishy smell. Sea Eel is alwiz white instead of the usual darker version of eels. It was really silky smooth

How could one ignore the roe of an Sea Urchin. Sometimes I really wanna bang my head...for less than RM 10 a piece u can eat till u are on the hospital bed thanks to its cholesterol contribution. Soft velvety rich sea urchin with crunchy seaweed on warm fatty grains. AAaahhhhhhh~~~~~This type of breakfast is really a good headstart to any day :))))

MW Maho, Monkey, JS and Papa Bear.
They extended their stay in Tokyo to accommodate us. Arigato gozaimasu :)))))))))) yeah why would 2 Tokyoites need to extend their stay? Coz they don't really live in Japan anymore. These 2 globe trotters are heading up to the mountain tmrw. Enjoy Tibet and have fun!!!

Tsukiji Sushiko is a really good inexpensive sushi place. For those who can't queue in line at the Tsukiji Market hahahaha. Afterall the source is all from the same place :)))

Tsukiji Sushiko
3-16-9 Tsukiji Murimachi Building 1F,
Tsukiji, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo, Japan.

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