Thursday, November 07, 2013

Farmer's Market Aoyama, Tokyo

Fuji Apples sitting gloriously on its crates
It was a lazy Sunday, and after a scrumptious brunch at Shibuya we needed to kill some calories and JS made us walked from Shibuya to Aoyama. Oh well it isn't that far, just a few kilometres. We have done like 22-25km each day in Japan. On our tiny feet which I had to walked like 1.5 steps to counter his one step -_-

It was an uphill walk and dearie Monkey was huffing and puffing, if not for the hot hot afternoon would be such a pleasant walk. Funny the weather was a chill 22*C but felt like 32*C hahahaha...

Soon Monkey spotted an opportunity to deviate and ran to a market which they stumbled upon.
Monkey: "Hey look it's an organic all farmer's market!!!! plenty to eat!!!"
adding calories is so much easier alwiz~~~

canned homemade pickled leeks, gherkins, lemon, japanese fern shoots aka Warabi, potatoes and more warabi

everything is homemade, organically grown from all over Japan. So some of these vendors are not farmers but distributors as well. But it's so nice to see so many farmers selling their produce happily and with pride :))))

I'm not a broccoli person but these made me wanna dive in....lost in the jungle of greens :)))))

More greens and different color + size of carrots. There's so much of fruits and vegetables here and all of it looked so yummy. Due to the fertile land that Japan has, most of its locally grown crops including rice are really good
it's a sweet power packed, seedless, easy to peel mandarin. Very very yummy and usually cost a bomb here in Isetan KL.

Glorious looking tomatoes in variety of colors....these are definitely better than popping popcorns in your mouth...but I beg to differ again....popcorns in Japan is a crazy business. People queue up miles long buying popcorns in Japan.

all the yummy grapes and I spotted some Kyohos too and it's freaking freaking CHEAP
it cost about RM 150 a bunch in Isetan KL. We had so much of grapes in Japan that our stomach can ferment wines.
Sea Salt crystals??? How do u use it?
Not all the farmers here speak english but if u try to converse with them...through the power and universe of food....somehow a duck and a chicken will understand each other here. Cuisine and food is like a language now hahahahahaha.

such beautiful variety of peppers here :))))))))))) U will be surprise that japanese can really eat spicy food...had my shocking discovery upon tasting their curry rice and spicy ramen.

chestnuts!!!! roasted chestnuts and raw ones for sale!!!!
ohhhh how I lurve their sweet fluffy so yummy and so fine :)))))))))

Mini Bonsai Persimmon tree!!!!! yes those are persimmons!!!
There is a section of flowers market too. Prices are cheaper than market rate on most of the produce sold. A few mini vans and carts were around the corner, selling cooked food and it smelled so heavenly but JS pulled Monkey's neck back to the fruits and vegetables corner.

JS: "No more food for u!!!!"
Monkey: "I just wanna snap some pics....puhhhhleaseeeee."
JS: "NO."

beautiful humongous Gooseberry!!!!! I wanted to buy these home to Malaysia but then again it's so delicate.
before JS realised it....Monkey already bought some "food" wuahahahahahahahaha
JS -_-"
Bigger than my eye ball, it has got the sweetness of mango and good balance of acid. Never had such yummy sweet and juicy gooseberry before. Now I really regretted for not getting the entire box home. sigh........

Farmer's Market is located in front of the United Nations University in Aoyama and they are opened every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm


Dee said...

So happy to see you post!!

I love farmer's market too, so much to see, smell and best of all, eat!

CHER-RY said...

Dee: Thank you for dropping by :))))