Monday, November 18, 2013

Senso-ji, Tokyo

Senso-ji, the oldest temple in Tokyo. Founded in 628....yes 6-2-8, that's almost like 1400 years ago. Dedicated to Kannon. The chinese refers Kannon as "Guan Yin" or most famously known as Goddess of Mercy.

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oh by the way the camera brand Canon, its name was derived from this beautiful goddess of mercy.

Legend has it that 2 brothers found the statue of Kannon in the nearby Sumida River, thus this temple was built. Over the years of earthquakes and world wars, it has been destroyed and rebuilt. Today Senso-ji is one of the most visited destination in Tokyo.

Kaminarimon Gate, currently all wrapped up with a printed poster of the huge red lantern. It's under restoration. Afterall this lantern is made from paper. On left and right of the lantern stood 2 statues of Gods....also under restoration.

Soon after the first gate is the 250m walkway leading to the main entrance of the temple is filled with little shops selling religious and non-religious merchandises. Including food, nyek nyek nyek. These shops have been here since the 18th century. All 89 of them.

with nothing to buy we scurried our way past these little shops. JS said we had done enuff contributing to the economy of Japan with our expenditures. Bahahahaha

The famous Hozomon Gate with its own pavilion

Believe me, this paper lantern is really HUGE

everything on this gate is huge including this slipper made from dried straws. Touch its base for good luck!!!! :)))) There's a pair, one on each side of Hozomon Gate.

yes yes yes I must TOUCH it but I couldn't reach it!!!!

after the Hozomon Gate is the main courtyard, from here you have a good view of Senso-ji's sloping roof . The other attraction that drew our attention was the main incense burner at the center of the courtyard

visitors and worshipers will try to catch a sniff and fan its smoke onto their body for longevity and good health. The incense here is of a more earthy and spicy notes compared to the chinese incense. It has a soothing nose.

Before you enter to any temples and shrines in Japan, clean urself at the water fountain found near its entrance. It's really easy to find, just follow the sound of water trickling away. Wash both of your hands, then your mouth. Just spit out the water from ur mouth onto the gutter below and place the ladle inverted back to where u took it from.

the main hall was re-built the modern way with 2 sections. The inner section which house the Kannon statue is made with tatami mat floor with restricted access. While the concrete floor section is open to public. This is one of the very few shrines/temples that we don't have to remove our shoes.

the 3rd red lantern at the Main Hall

My face was as big and as round as the main lantern after weeks of eating non-stop multiple meals a day. Bahahahahaha.

Once we were done at the Main Hall, there were still so many people at the incense burner.

The famous 634m SkyTree can be seen from anywhere in Tokyo :)))))

the 5 storied Pagoda was built in 942 and again this was a reconstruction after the numerous fire, earthquakes and war.

it can be seen at almost halls and courtyard that you go to :))))

There is also a beautiful garden inside the temple area....if you prefer to stay away from the crowd, this is it :)))

Hello fishie fishie sekalian, it's raining but I guess u fishes are not affected huh? Afterall u lived with water all your life :P

on the east side of the temple are white lanterns with the name of sponsors and main donors. There are free yummy green tea served here. So take some time, enjoy a cuppa tea and watch the time passes by :))))

Yogodo Hall sits on the North West of Senso-ji. It is much quieter here bcoz most of the tourists are at the Main Hall.

and finally Awashimado Hall which is next to the West exit of Senso-ji

From the West exit u can admire the works of Main Hall's roof.

One cannot leave Tokyo without visiting Senso-ji Temple :))))
for access, take the Ginza line to Asakusa Station. Senso-ji is just a mere 5 minutes walk. With so many shops around this are, you won't even realised the distance spent walking. Afterall it's only 5 minutes, not 50 minutes hahahaha,

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Hi Monkey, your blog is very inspiring and I love your musings during your travels :)))

If you don't mind me asking what line of work you guys are in? You guys seem to travel a lot and I loveeee traveling and culture. I'm just fresh out of school which is why I'm wondering.

I'm very happy I stumbled on such a gem of a blog :D

Keep it up.

CHER-RY said...

Hello anonymous :) (u didn't leave a name) hehehehe. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Both of us are corporate people working in the concrete jungle in Msia.

Yes you are right, if there's a choice we would like to globe trotters all our lives :) but that would not be possible without a job :))

do keep coming back for more postings yea :) Have a great day there :))