Wednesday, November 06, 2013

We are BACK :))))

Yesterday we touched down in the evening with a THUD as the plane landed on the runway....thanks to our 6 luggage bags, weighing bout 138 kilograms. I swear it was only a soft thud coz with so many ppl onboard, those extra few kilos don't really affect the "thud" that much right?

it took us 60 minutes to unpack back at home....and the amount of stuffs we've accumulated over the last 25 days were......eye popping to some...but Wondrous to us. BAHAHAHAHA.

Next we have problem looking after our own personal stash...coz there's Monkey's stash and JS's stuffs.

Monkey: "THAT's MINE!!!"
JS: "I bought that, it's for my office."
Monkey: "NOOOOO that's for MY OFFICE!!!!"

Not long after that:
Monkey: "This one is friend asked me to buy it."
JS: "Funny....I thought it's mine!!!!"

WAHWAHWAHWHAWAHWAH piakpiakpiakpiakpiak scratchscratchscratch HAIIIIIYEAAAAKKKKK Karate-chop cat fights at home over "stashes"

but I did not fight with him over utensils, copper drinking cups, sea salts, kelps, dried shrimps, dried humongous big-like-eyeballs scallops, KNIVES, stones, tablewares, chopsticks, wooden spoons, japanese curry powder, peanuts???, japanese spices, bamboo products for the kitchen, yuzu skin grater, napkins, and gawd knows wat else he bought for the house and his kitchen.

wooooo, now where to hide my's ALL MINE~~~~~
MINE~~~~~ nyek nyek nyek nyek....maybe inside my piano?


Anonymous said...

Welcome back.
walao much of snacks!
Super LIKE lor.... ^_^

CHER-RY said...

Thank you Melissa....hahaha yes it's like Christmas la :)))))

bunnykay said...

walauuuu.. 138kg! heavier than you both!
seriously I must tell you I am indeed very disappointed. WHY?
because you have so much info on tokyo and I am not heading there this round!

so dear nutty monkey; pleaseeee find the time to blog on osaka & kyoto can? hehe thank you in advance.

on another serious note: love love all the food images you have shared. nice pics. better than a lot of other blogger. really one. ;D

CHER-RY said...

hello BunnyKay, Thank you for your comment. It means a lot :)))

Hahaha yea have some patience...the Kyoto posts are on its way :)))

Anonymous said...

Oh my LORD!!!! Thats a lot of food there!! and welcome back :)

May Ng

CHER-RY said...

Hello May :) How have u been?