Monday, October 01, 2012

Got trained by a Commando

it's been quite a while since I had a good session with my personal trainer
last weekend it was cancelled off due to the haze and rain
I had a rough week and was looking forward to a good run with him but he called in sick
poor Jeff sprained his ankle
ever since he took up mountain biking he's been injured everywhere
not a spot on his limbs were spared. There's alwiz bruises and fresh wounds every time I see him

He was trying to encourage me to try biking and wanted to hand me his old mountain bike
*for goodness sake I can't even cycle anything except re-cycle!!!!*

but one evening, he brought me to hike up a hill and showed me the rough terrain where they usually do their mountain biking thing


all I could do then was hold my groin with both hands and imagine the pain to do biking in such rough steep terrain by those slopes
which I already find it difficult to walk but biking????

and yesterday I really really do really need to go for a run
JS is the sweetest :)))))))))
offered to be my trainer for 2 hours!!!!!!
the sweetness soon wore off bcoz he makes one helluva trainer or trainer from hell

he waits for no one and u better catch up fast coz he doesn't run!!!
he just need to walk fast and beat the hell outta you
and no stopping even if it means up the slope/uphill
since JS isn't a professional trainer, he will not give you motivational words to keep you going and doing the extra

he's direct and straight forward....DO OR DIE
I wonder how do I ever catch up with this man who's perpetually energetic
not just running, but in life....

huffed puffed cried~~~~

Thank you for being so tough with me
I felt I was in the Marine >.<
u make a great Commando but definitely a bad trainer

so Mr. JS, do u look forward to another run with me???
let's swim a few laps today running shoes need to rest from all the smokes it produced yesterday...hahahahahaha


Chasing Food Dreams said...

gosh... lol... what a post! gotta luv a laugh to chase away the monday blues.... ;)

CHER-RY said...

hahahaha u find that hilarious? :P He's a Commando in his kitchen too...just that no one to command coz I usually leave him alone. Can't mess with a man in a kitchen with plenty of knives right?