Monday, October 08, 2012

Whimsical evening at Bistro a Table


Who can resist Liver-Pop???
foie gras covered with caramels perched on top of a buttery brioche bread, served with apple radish
such a playful presentation but trust me, food at Bistro a Table is very very very serious....

JS and Chef Isadora, either he's pretending to be a horrible food critique or he's drunk :P
at the end of the evening, both of them were sharing so much of notes on culinary techniques
too technical for us to understand....I call it the chefs talk :P

the other favourite and a must order is the coddled egg with maple syrup
served with crunchy crouton dust and asparagus

to Chef's horror
Isadora: "Why did you order this again? U already had it!!!!!!"
"errrr coz I was craving for it like a pregger!!!!"

yummy cold linguini with caviar
this was really really REALLY good

apologies, pics were all taken with iPhone under low light condition
and someone impatience already took a bite b4 the camera came into action
so HE had to assemble the linguini but it definitely didn't look like this when first presented on the table.

the men ordered Master Kobe which was perfectly executed and cooked
topped with foie gras...I didn't see that on the menu?? was it a bonus???

Bistro a Table serves comfort-bistro-modern-french-food
with adaption of local ingredients and elements
Monkey ordered Boston Lobster and Sea Urchin linguini
in heavenly lobster oil!!!!!
as usual, the men alwiz steal my food >.<
it was so yummy, everything on the plate was mopped clean

caramelizes apple tarte tartin with the whole vanilla bean on top
which required preparation time of about 20 minutes which we didn't mind coz good food got to wait don't you think?

the other dessert copyrighted to the chef was Ode to Newton
also required the same preparation time

as you enjoy your souffle with vanilla creme anglaise, u get to watch the nutmeg and cinnamon ice cream drop into the ginger beer
u see the ginger beer is its steam melts the lemon grass ice hemisphere and soon the dollop of ice cream drops due to gravity....and then float back up again to create Ginger Beer Float!!!!

Actually this dessert starts with the souffle....u eat this warm souffle first...
make a lil insertion and pour in the tahitian vanilla bean creme anglaise
the souffle is part of the anti-gravity element bcoz it's gravity defying!!! it never collapse until u start to play around and poke it.

Chef Isadora and Prince C
it was his first visit and he got hooked on
definitely his palate

I really look forward to more special creation
and it seems all super dinner degustation events @ Bistro a Table is alwiz fully booked
another time perhaps :)))

merci beaucoup pour le tres delicieux diner Madame!!!
she even brought me for a personal tour at her spanking clean OCD kitchen
confirmed she's an OCD -_-"

Bistro a Table
6, Jalan 17/54,
46400 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: +603 7931 2831


Chasing Food Dreams said...

heard about the chef.. one gutsy lady! her food looked great and very unique... kudos...

CHER-RY said...

She has got "Themed" dinner which is alwiz sold out on every 1st Monday of the Month. Do check her out soon :))