Friday, October 19, 2012

Martini Charity event for PT Foundation

Peakie D sent Ms. Monkey the pink flyer a few weeks ago and within seconds we were set to attend this charity event

PT Foundation is voluntary and non-profit making organisation
founded in 1987, PT has been offering communications, counseling, education and care services to community dealing with HIV and AIDS
They reach in deep and wide esp to those ppl who are not able to seek care and treatment due to social discrimination.
Of coz they can do better, with everyone's help :)))

What a fantastic way to raise funds with a Martini nite themed Shaken & Stirred
but the highlight was the Mixologist Baldesh :)))

our loveliest Baldesh
his profession is definitely not a Mixologist
*he's with a huge oil & gas conglomerate*
that's what makes him so special and rare

When we arrived, there were arrays and arrays of different martinis greeted us
it was a Friday and as usual KL's traffic jam was at a standstill

JS was stucked inside the not so smart tunnel for 1hour 25 minutes while yours truly took 60 minutes to inched her way to the venue which was 2 km away from the office

we got this plastered on us
and this morning I found it inside my car :)))))))))
JS's red ribbon was still plastered on his jacket >.< which I'm about to send for dry cleaning

Ms. Monkey insisted that all her martinis must be personally shaken and stirred by Baldesh

"so how do u know u have shaken enuff?"
B: "Well till there's ice on the outside!!!"
he then told me a joke about his lil niece and nephew watching their mommy preparing milk for them in their cute lil milk bottle...their mommy shoke the bottle for a bit and gave the toddlers their milk. The kids protested and said: "Mommy!!!! u must shake until there's ice on the outside!!!!"

oh dear!!! kids learn fast these days and the poor Mommy blamed Baldesh for all the wrong things picked up by the kids >.<

Baldesh makes the most devilicious martinis ever!!!! I can confirm that!!!
a few months ago, we met at Peakie D's home and he brought his own martini kit and began mixing
I was hooked and addicted then

yummy Chocolate Martini!!!!
this was my favourite!!! *apart fr Lycheetini*
I can't remember how many I had...
all I needed to do was to shove my way among the guests, walked to the bar and smiled like a puppy for Baldesh to make a fresh one.

Yes we have discerning taste...nothing more nothing less
only martinis personally mixed by Baldesh :)))

oh yum yum yum yum
slurp slurp slurp slurp

Monkey & Peakie D
noticed her glass has got so many chocolates innit!!!
yeah special preparation double dosage double strong double yummy-ness

Yang Berbahagia Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, a long time advocate for Aids Foundation in Malaysia gave a really inspiring speech
she has dedicated her life to so many non-government non profit movements in Malaysia

the evening proceeded with auctions of rare art pieces, whiskies and some other vintage items
I kinda forgotten what and vision was.....I really can't remember :P

Me and my James Bond who's also looking tipsy here :P
so Mr. Bond, I hope u had a great time
I'm so happy to know u've learnt to enjoy martinis
*he's a wine snob*

before tipsy me left the partay....I managed to scurried my way through the throngs of crowd, located Baldesh and kissed him good nite
I can't remember this part at all but from the pic I am looking really HAPPY
thank you for feeding me with all your concoctions!!!!

had a great nite, met so many new friends
had so much of martinis
but the best of all to have enjoyed such a wonderful evening while doing Charity :))))
how awesome is that?

for more information on PT Foundation:

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