Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The art of Sous Vide

Happy eggs in the water bath with a Sous Vide machine

He's been really happy with the Polyscience Sous Vide Professional Chef Kit
*smacks forehead*
the important tool for any chefs these day
basically u can sous vide any ingredients
but his favourite are Eggs and Beef
*chart stolen from Douglas Baldwin's website*

Cooking under controlled temperature in such precision have alwiz been a dream
meaning there's no failure rate
only success
and every single egg comes out exactly the way you want it to be

and even more intensive chart from Polyscience
yeah I've never cook an egg for ONE HOUR
the above chart is for a minimum of 1 hour cooking time
how do u cook an egg for one hour without making it hard boiled????
it's all in the temprature

but one hour???
it seems u need that long to kill all of its bacteria
it's so technical, coz bacterias die at a certain temperature for different ingredients and meat
chicken and beef use a different temperature and cooking time

Sous vide also allows u to evenly cook your meat
wow now we can ctrl how pink and rare we want out meat thoroughly
no more rare middle and overdone-ness steak on the outside

I look forward to my healthy sous-vide-ed food from Mr. JS
heeeeeeeeeee :)))))))))))))


Chasing Food Dreams said...

JS is a true blue Foodie!

Way to go... and yes, the Egg is one of the hardest ingredient to be perfected.... now all I have to do is save up to buy a sous vide machine and then I can submit my request to JS for Sifu-ship! ;)

Anonymous said...

Fuiyo..the machine is cool! Just like a swimming pool for the eggs ;-)

js said...

And the texture of the egg yolk is out of this world. You can never get the super sticky gummy texture with ordinary method of cooking egg. Somehow by cooking the egg long enuf under low temperature(sous vide), the molecular structure of the protein must have been altered and becomes very gummy. Perfect to be tossed together with the chilly pan mee :))