Thursday, June 25, 2015

My new toy at home :)))

Just less than 10 days ago, this xpole was finally our balcony. All thanks to mighty Mr. JS who did the installation on his own. Xpole is easy to install and could fit in as long as you measure the height of your ceiling correctly.

Once the pole was up, Monkey needed to test it but Mr. JS already scaled the pole ala coconut tree style right to the top, all 12 feet in height smoothly and glided down to confirm that it's ready and fit for my pole play.

Monkey was speechless O.O
"U could climb the pole better than me!!!!! HOW???"
JS: "U never climb a coconut tree before when u were young?"
No. I.Did.Not....despite me being a monkey....I climb onto ppl's neck and get into their nerves.

woohooo~~~~ I m really loving my Xpole.

U must be wondering why balcony? Wahahahahahaha. It's just that the ceiling of the entire house has been decorated with plaster ceiling so it's impossible to install the xpole. Monkey has been scouting and checking the entire unit including the kitchen and bathrooms....all were fixed with plaster ceiling and Mr. JS's downlights so nothing can be install on the ceiling. sighhhhh.....

So balcony that is. We do have a good size balcony with 23 feet in wide and 11 feet in depth...not to mention the high ceiling. So high that Monkey got to buy extension pole to add onto the xpole. When I ordered it, the instructor was like...u sure ur ceiling is at that height?

 It's been really fun :)))) I love the view of our balcony too hehehehehe

What started out as a joke all thanks to our Phuket trip *read about it here* now became reality...we were actually learning pole fitness...We gave ourselves a month. A month became our goal to try and have some fun....soon one month became 4 months and soon we actually graduated from our Beginner's Level with an on stage performance. It ain't easy to have the guts to perform....I don't like to be on stage and height!!!

click here to read bout our graduation performance *here*

In fact I was the slowest in my class.....classmates were already complaining that I got to move faster so they could learn new tricks right now at intermediate level. They are a bunch of amazing classmates whom gave each other so much of motivation despite the pain and sometimes frustration.

I have yet to conquer my fear for heights and being inverted. It's really a very scary feeling when u are upside down, hung with just some skin. It's really really ouch, trust me. That burning sensation and bruises after that.

The feet are not perfect still....this pose is called the gemini which I've been trying for at least 1.5 months now!! That's too long!!! Plus Monkey skipped half of April plus the entire month of May lessons. I guess the more classes and practices that u skip the worse it gets. My instructor has already raised the alarm to warn me.
Getting up there effortlessly actually requires a lot of efforts....and core body muscle and strength. Plus u gotta wear a smile on ur face and be graceful. U could see I was struggling here.
sometimes there's failed attempts to even lift myself to do the V-inverts. Damn it!!! My classmates did it so nicely, I better practice this to catch up!!!!

so again and again, till I was wearing myself out.
Okie now I've managed to invert nicely to tuck and hang nicely without slipping down or fall...but the legs were not straight. So many elements to think about. One of the legs had to be on 90 degrees!!! 

It's frustrating I know. I really do admire ppl who could just do it so easily and gracefully without grimaces on their faces. Or just by getting it right the first time!!! WHY????

and finally my left leg is at 90 degrees!!! Straight and JS can measure it with a long ruler, else he would just smack me. Now I just gotta remember how it feels like to do this while inverted without looking at my feet!! That's why they said, practice makes perfect.

Once u have master the basics of being inverted and have ur feet at the right place and right angle without having to scramble and think which is my left/right, which feet should go up, which limb to use now....u can do watever u want :)))

But....this final pose isn't the Gemini. Monkey being monkey alwiz create new things LOL. It's more of an extension from Gemini. Now that I've mastered gemini it's time to do the Scorpio this weekend. That would be even more painful and u will just feel ur skin being seared and the burns after that....with lots of bruises. Miss Monkey, be prepared to wear only pants next week at work, for ur calves and knees and thighs ain't pretty no more.

To me, it's all worth it :))) I will wear these bruises with pride for I have achieved what I have set out to do :))

If you are interested to find out more about Fit Pole, Fly Yoga, and aerial Dance or even burlesque, check out the school website below:


Chasing Food Dreams said...

to me, you look like a pro & you are graceful too on that xpole! salute...

CHER-RY said...

Chasing Food Dreams: Looks only....which can be deceiving...hahahahahaha